Shift & Thrive Podcast:
CEO Insights on Driving Change

In today’s business world change is the only constant, and mastering transformation is the ultimate key to success. Welcome to Shift & Thrive!

Each week, Host Natalie Nathanson will bring you conversations with CEOs, who delve into how they successfully drove critical change in their organization.

Magnetude has helped numerous companies move from concept to growth. Our senior marketing team delivers innovative strategy, paired with flawless execution, so you can embark on your next transformational initiative with confidence.

In this episode of Shift and Thrive, Natalie engages in a compelling conversation with Naveen Rajkumar, CEO of ISOOUTSOURCE. Naveen shares his views on how change can be a win-win-win for shareholders, clients, and team members if implemented thoughtfully and strategically.
July 10, 2024 / 40:30 / Read the Transcript

Our special guest this week is James Loffler, the President of Loffler Companies. James delves into his experience driving major organizational change within his company, emphasizing the importance of communication, involving stakeholders, and continuous feedback.
June 5, 2024 / 46:13 / Read the Transcript

Jenn Azar is the CEO of The Stellix Group and President of NECI. Jenn shares invaluable insights about being adaptable through transformation.
May 29, 2024 / 41:52 / Read the Transcript

As the Founder & CEO of UnPwnAble (formerly LinkTempo) and a seasoned entrepreneur, Konstantin Vilk shared inspiring insights from his experience driving change at several organizations.
May 22, 2024 / 48:56 / Read the Transcript

Listen to this insightful conversation with Matt McGrath, President and CEO of Systems Engineering as he and Natalie discuss how Matt has led his organization through a business transformation.
April 24, 2024 / 47:50 / Read the Transcript

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