Go-to-Market (GTM) Services

Mapping the course for go-to-market success

Whether you are launching a new product, service or company, rebranding or repositioning, we’ve got you covered. Our outcomes-focused go-to-market strategy and program services are designed to deliver success.

Move from concept to growth with confidence

If you are a start-up, a spin-off, or introducing a new product or service, getting from concept to commercialization to growth requires savvy and skilled marketing talent strategy and execution. Whether your team is looking for strategic augmentation, or your operations are lean, our GTM service is designed to enhance capabilities where needed and introduce innovative strategies to propel you forward.

At Magnetude, We’re Different

Unlike some consultancies and agencies that specialize in either strategy or execution, we do both – leaving no gaps for you to fill. Our go-to-market planning services are backed by proven methodologies and an award-winning team of senior marketing strategists and discipline experts. Our full-service capabilities deliver an integrated go-to-market blueprint for success that’s tailored to your business goals, budget, and timeline. No excessive lead times. No need for you to hire or burden internal staff. Just thorough and thoughtful go-to-market strategy and execution.

Unlock growth and innovation with our tailored GTM strategies

Fast Track to Market: Magnetude’s Formula for Go-to-Market Success

Businesses of all sizes often operate with budgetary constraints and limited internal resources, making it difficult to execute comprehensive GTM strategies covering all bases. With Magnetude, those challenges are not show-stoppers. From best-bet targeting and segmentation to competitive differentiation to sales enablement, we apply our bench of marketing and industry experts, tested methodologies, and creative ideation to assess, map, and execute the critical components of a GTM strategy.

We understand that getting in market fast is essential to achieving business goals. Our go-to-market plans include recommendations for quick-hit programs to jump start your results in parallel with strategic assessment and launch planning. The outcome is an actionable game plan that specifies how you will reach your target customers, achieve a competitive advantage, and crush your GTM goals.

The Pillars of a Comprehensive Go-to-Market Strategy



  • Audience Personas: Sharpen the focus on the market through the lens of relevant demographics, preferences, pain points, and competitor presence.
  • Target Market: Cut through the noise of the broader market by dividing it into segments of potential customers that represent the best opportunity to garner market share.
  • Positioning: Carve out how your brand will stand out from competitors and attract your desired audience.
  • Competitive Analysis: Unlock opportunities by assessing the products, messaging, and digital footprint of current and potential competitors.
  • Partners: Identify, strengthen, and leverage partnerships that extend brand awareness, reach, and distribution opportunity.



  • Branding: Craft a captivating brand story, voice, and visual identity standards that attract your target market and stand out from your competitors.
  • Unique Value Proposition (UVP): Stand out in the market by showcasing how your product or service uniquely fulfills customer needs better than the rest.
  • Messaging: Solve pain points and provide value with tailored messages that resonate with target audiences and express your unique value.
  • Content Strategy: Chart a course to attract, engage, convert, and retain the target audience(s) through content that speaks directly to your ideal buyer profiles.
  • Product/Service ‘Markitecture’: Achieve maximum market adoption by structuring and communicating your product or service for easy consumption and conversion.



  • Marketing & Launch Plans: Map out detailed tactics for launch and ongoing marketing– including timelines, demand gen and supporting campaign components, budgeting, and resource allocation.
  • Content Creation: Bring the planning to life through engaging collateral, social, web, and lead nurture assets that deliver value to your audience at each stage of their buyer journey.
  • Website Development: Transform your digital store with a new or refreshed online presence that weaves in messaging to help guide your prospective customers along the buyer journey.
  • Campaigns: Elevate brand and product/service visibility with targeted marketing campaigns that create awareness, generate leads, and drive conversions.



  • Internal Alignment: Get everyone on the same page and ensure all departments and stakeholders are aware of and understand their role in the brand and product/service launch objectives and strategies.
  • Sales and Partner Enablement: Equip sales and partner teams with marketing assets and tools, competitor information, and training that support and motivate their success in selling the brand.
  • Measurement: Evaluate the effectiveness of campaigns against key performance indicators (KPIs) and business goals to optimize campaigns and inform future strategy adjustments.

We know which marketing levers to pull for GTM


Marketing is never a “one-size-fits-all.” That’s what makes Magnetude’s approach to marketing is so relevant. Our flexible engagements meet clients wherever they are on their marketing journey. And we can instantly draw on our team of expert marketers to support any marketing question or need.

But our value goes even deeper for businesses like yours.  

  • Great marketing? A Given.
    Our marketing prowess, outcome-oriented mindset, and thorough assessments enable you to enter fast-paced and shifting markets with confidence.
  • Fast track? You bet.
    You can count on us to put you on the best course to driving growth – and where possible, we run strategy and execution of key deliverables in parallel tracks to get things off the ground even faster.
  • Integrated programs? Always.
    Our holistic approach ensures strategy and execution are in sync for the best results.
  • Innovative? Unquestionably.
    We embrace new ways to make our clients stand apart from the rest, and that starts with out-of-the-box creative thinking.
  • Key performance indicators (KPIs)? Definitely.
    How else, other than by setting measurable goals, could we evaluate the success of your go-to-market strategy?
  • Risk? Managed.
    We rigorously pilot and test, analyze, then optimize your messaging, your programs, and your targets before rolling out to larger audiences.
  • Data analysis? Absolutely.
    Data helps us understand market response to campaigns and make informed adjustments that optimize results.


Whether you are trying to find the right market for your new product or service – or need to determine where your innovation fits into an already crowded space, you can count on Magnetude. From strategy to execution, our custom-tailored programs are designed to target the right audiences, drive demand with messages that resonate, and accelerate your time-to-results.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you tailor a go-to-market strategy to align with my specific industry and business model?

We begin by deeply understanding your unique industry dynamics, market position, and business model to tailor a go-to-market strategy that aligns with your specific needs. This involves thorough market research, competitive analysis, and customer insights gathering to identify opportunities and challenges unique to your sector. We then leverage our expertise in marketing methodologies and creative ideation to craft a customized GTM plan that emphasizes your strengths, addresses market gaps, and resonates with your target audience. Our approach is collaborative and iterative, ensuring that the strategy we develop not only aligns with your business objectives but is also flexible enough to adapt to the ever-changing market landscape, setting a solid foundation for your success.

What is your approach to market analysis and identifying new opportunities?

Our insights into the market are generated by our research, which includes industry and market analysts as well as primary research and qualitative interviews. Especially in crowded markets where competition is intense, we investigate the competitive landscape to identify unique differentiators, untapped areas for innovation, and leverage emerging trends to provide recommendations for growth.

What is your process for adapting the go-to-market strategy based on market feedback or changing conditions?

Marketing is not a “set and forget” effort. Our strategy builds resiliency into your program, enabling it to scale as your business grows and optimize to address changes in the market and in the business itself. We measure against KPI metrics to understand the impact of marketing against business goals and adjust accordingly.

How do you ensure alignment between marketing and sales in go-to-market strategies?

Gaining buy-in for your strategic marketing plan from sales and other department stakeholders begins with sharing your vision with them. A formal “roll out” may include a presentation, assets, and training for sales and partner teams so they have the foundation for successful selling – including ideal customer, the messages that resonate with each persona, and how to guide customers along their buying journey.

How do you approach risk management in go-to-market strategies?

Strategies are a guide to program execution. To minimize risk, we pilot-test messaging, campaigns, target audiences, and more to determine if any optimization is required before implementing larger-scale rollouts. Testing and data analysis should continue to identify new opportunities and/or to optimize results.

How do you differentiate our business, product, or service from competitors?

Competitive differentiation is critical to a successful go-to-market strategy. We conduct research to identify your unique value proposition (UVP) based on factors like, brand, product features, quality, pricing, and customer service. The UVP, aligned with customer needs and behaviors, guides our market positioning and messaging.

What role does customer feedback play in refining our GTM strategy?

Customer feedback is crucial for understanding the market’s response to your product, identifying areas for improvement, and adapting your strategy to better meet customer needs. The Magnetude GTM program includes a detailed discovery to glean actionable insights from your customers such as preferred communication channels, specific pain points to improve messaging and buying journey observations to improve sales cycles.