Strategic Marketing Services

With Magnetude, marketing strategy isn’t ‘all talk, no action’.


Want an optimized marketing machine, delivering precisely what you need, without a dollar of unnecessary spend? Get the strategy right first. Marketing strategy is a map of the road to successful growth, not an abstract exercise. Our strategic marketing services always start with a 360° understanding of your business today and your aspirations for tomorrow. Then we chart the optimum route to the desired outcome, as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.

Often, for our retainer-based clients, we are also putting these strategies into action, and the integration is seamless. We’ve designed many of the strategic deliverables to run in parallel to ‘hit the ground running’ programs.

Marketing Assessments

Most of our engagements start with a strategic marketing assessment. We’ve developed a proven model and framework that quickly provides a roadmap for the path forward. Assessments can be all-encompassing or highly targeted.

They can provide a jumpstart to new projects or engagements.

This comprehensive approach includes analyzing all the facets that influence the best direction forward including areas such as:

  • Market Landscape & Trends
  • Internal and External Stakeholder Research
  • Full Competitive Analysis
  • Key Digital Metrics Analysis
  • Digital Program Assessments & Optimizations

Marketing assessments, depending on the engagement, can include focus areas such as positioning and messaging, digital program analysis and optimization, channel and partnership strategies, resource planning and hiring, and full marketing plans, including budgeting.

Messaging & Positioning

Our expertise in messaging and positioning allows us to help you identify your best market segments, isolate your unique value propositions, and create the frameworks your company needs to engage audiences most effectively.

We leverage market research, customer intelligence, and competitive analysis to help develop the right messages and then deliver them in the most impactful way.

Generally, we deliver messaging frameworks or playbooks as required. Messaging and Positioning can be applied to:

  • Corporate Messaging
  • Product/Service Messaging
  • Campaign Messaging
  • Persona Messaging


Marketing Programs Strategy

There are many marketing levers to pull to drive awareness, engagement, and leads. But great programs start with a clear understanding of the basics – the sales cycle, the target audience (roles and segmentation), TAM (Total Available Market), buying behavior, and internal priorities and focus areas.

It’s complex. But without the strategy, the result is waste – wasted time, money, and resources.

The most risk-averse path to impact is to have a strategy. Program strategy is a given with Magnetude and we can quickly bridge to full implementation, optimize what’s in-process, and provide quick hit implementation while new strategies are being built.

Program strategies can include:

  • Demand Gen/Lead Gen Strategy
  • Inbound/Outbound Strategy
  • Paid Media Strategy
  • PR Strategy
  • Integrated Campaign Strategy

Strategic Marketing Plans

Being outcomes focused, we start with the end goal and then work on filling in the integrated programs that will get you there.

Often, depending on the engagement, this includes preparing full plans that include specific campaign initiatives (brand awareness, lead generation) and the required budget planning, resource allocation, and rollout timing.

Channel & Partnership Marketing Strategy

Channels and partners are critical to growth for most companies. Maximizing performance is invariably a tag team effort between sales and marketing.

Most of our clients either have an established channel and are looking to drive better performance, or we are working together to establish and launch a winning channel program, create joint marketing efforts, manage and maximize partner marketing funds (MDF), and enable channel sales efforts through sales tools and training programs.

Some clients ARE the channel partner, and we help them to forge their own path forward and maximize vendor relationships.

Product and Services Markitecture

Have you recently gone through a merger or acquisition? Have your products and/or services expanded and now don’t quite ‘go together’?

We work with clients to align how they brand and market to gain increased traction, overcome market confusion, and combine solutions to make selling easier.

We bring an outside perspective to help companies think outside their own box.

CMO Services: Advisory

Sometimes you need the viewpoint and guidance a CMO would bring, but it’s not in the game plan to hire.

Many of our clients engage our most senior staff in this capacity, to provide specific guidance, and weigh in on strategic planning issues like staffing, budgeting, product and services planning, M&A activity, and more.

We can oversee, guide, and mentor existing staff, or just serve as an advisor. Leadership often has us join strategic meetings and advise on marketing and business direction.

Let us drive results for your business.

B2B Marketing Strategy Resources

Strategy underpins everything successful marketing teams do. The Magnetude team has helped countless clients create, execute, and uphold a marketing strategy that drives growth—and we love to write about it. Check out our resources below to learn more about the critical role that strategic marketing plays in building strong brands, engaging audiences, and driving sustainable business growth.

What is a Marketing Strategy (and Why Do You Need One?)

A marketing strategy should be shaped by company business goals, and if done right, it will look at all the areas and layers of the business, enabling leaders to make better decisions. Don’t be tempted to skip the strategy work!

More Than Just Words: Demystifying B2B Messaging

It’s hard to hone in on concise, compelling messaging—and it’s important begin by fully understanding your audience’s needs and pain points in conjunction with the market dynamics and your true competitive differentiators.

Focus On: Go-To-Market

25 Questions to Align Your Team for Success

Numerous factors inform strategic priorities and day-to-day marketing and sales execution. The following checklist was developed to help you plan your Go-To-Market efforts by identifying priorities and gaps and addressing potential issues.

Beyond Lead Gen: 6 Ways Tech CEOs Should Lean on B2B Marketing Strategy to Support Growth

B2B marketing strategy can—and should—support a wide range of business goals and objectives, all while aligning with and advancing the CEO’s strategic and transformational initiatives.

Case Study & Client Review

B2B Marketing Strategy & Content Creation for Executive Search Firm

“I’m really impressed by the care they show us. They’re not only a talented team, but they’re also good people and this is what made our long-standing relationship possible. They are true partners — they have our best interests in mind and they take feedback really well.”

Read a case study and five-star review from one of our clients. Together, we built a marketing and content strategy that has enabled significant growth in terms of content, web traffic, and lead generation.


Learn more about Magnetude’s Strategic Marketing Services

What are strategic marketing services?

Strategy is the blueprint for every successful marketing function. Strategic marketing services involve bringing in experts in B2B marketing strategy to create a tailored solution to help your business reach its target audience—and its goals. Magnetude’s strategic marketing services start with a complete and comprehensive understanding of your business and objectives, followed by crafting the optimal route to success with as much efficiency and cost-effectiveness as possible.

How can a strategic marketing agency benefit my business?

There are numerous benefits to partnering with a strategic marketing agency like Magnetude to help you get your strategy right. Our team, boasting extensive in-house and client experience across numerous industries, completes a comprehensive analysis of your business, competitors, and market trends to recommend effective strategies. Additionally, a full-service B2B marketing agency offers seamless integration of this marketing strategy into hands-on execution of market tactics to hit the ground running.

What is the process behind developing a B2B marketing strategy?

In most cases, Magnetude begins our engagements with a strategic marketing assessment to map out a clear path forward. This flexible process can range in breadth and focus areas, but typically includes a review of the market landscape, company and offer, current messaging and positioning, stakeholder insights, competitive dynamics, digital metrics, and channel partnerships. From there, the team leverages the insights from the marketing assessment to formulate strategic recommendations, gets alignment with the client, and then typically moves to the execution phase—though in many engagements, Magnetude begins execution on select programming in parallel with the strategic work to deliver results quickly.

How do you measure the success of B2B marketing strategy?

Your business’ marketing strategy is custom-made to support your overall growth objectives: brand awareness, lead generation, investment, launches and expansion, M&A, and more. To measure the success of your B2B marketing strategy, Magnetude focuses on a blend of quantitative and qualitative metrics in line with your stated objectives. Typical measurable key performance indicators (KPIs) include lead generation, conversion rates, website traffic, and customer engagement levels. Additionally, we review the alignment of campaign outcomes with your overarching business goals to ensure strategic, sustainable growth.

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