Meet The Leadership Team

Senior Level Experts Dedicated to Client Success

Our people set us apart. The vast majority of team members have built their careers holding in-house roles across the spectrum of start-ups to Fortune 500, providing a unique understanding of the challenges our clients face every day. From ace strategists to savvy digital and product marketers to deep marketing SMEs specializing in specific areas, the right team is brought to bear on every engagement.

Magnetude’s roster of experts is orchestrated by a dedicated leadership team with a breadth of experience in marketing strategy, delivery, messaging & positioning, operations, and client relations. With an average tenure of 20 years in their respective fields, our specialists cross all domains—strategic and tactical—digital and traditional—and within multiple deep-tech industries that demand industry knowledge.

Organizational Leadership

As President and Founder of Magnetude, Natalie oversees a marketing team of over 30 practitioners—generalists and specialists, contractors and in-house, covering every square foot of B2B marketing and sales.  Natalie is an incisive and empathic leader who encourages innovation, while spotlighting client growth and results.  While embarking on her goal to provide marketing services to small and medium-sized tech businesses, she helped pioneer the fractional marketing approach that has become a cornerstone of the consulting industry.

Natalie’s strategy and execution team boasts expertise across a variety of specialties including sales & channel enablement, demand & lead generation, digital marketing, messaging & positioning, and branding, to name a few.  The Magnetude team also services clients across a wide range of industries from cybersecurity to healthcare technology to professional services.

In addition to leading the organization, Natalie is at the forefront of thought leadership as a contributor to Forbes Council.

Strategy & Delivery

With nearly 3 decades of marketing experience, Cyndy specializes in marketing strategy and heads the delivery team, consisting of a veteran lineup of strategists, writers, and program specialists.  She also leads an array of internal and client initiatives, including marketing strategy, branding, messaging & positioning and creative program development.

The strategic team features high level expertise across B2B industries from technology leaders to analysts.  Strategy is bolstered by a deep content development roster that touches all areas of marketing delivery—from web development and SEO to paid ads and digital design.  The content writing wing is composed of technical writers with deep industry knowledge like cybersecurity as well as experts in media relations, analyst relations, and creative messaging.

Each member of the strategy and delivery team has a distinct portfolio of specialization and industry knowledge, working with a diverse set of business models, channels, and B2B products and services.


Mary is responsible for a multitude of internal Magnetude affairs including human resources, operations, and finance.  She is dedicated to optimizing all the processes within the organization from software to quarterly reporting to employee feedback.  On the client side, Mary is enthusiastic about putting systems in place that are maximally effective and allow the team to focus on delivering great work to the client.

Mary is an energetic leader with a hand in numerous projects.  She helps to keep Magnetude a well-oiled machine by prioritizing open communication, visibility, and recognition of growth and goals to drive a passionate team of marketing collaborators.