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About Magnetude Consulting: B2B Marketing Services

Magnetude was founded in early 2012 with a simple goal: to even the marketing playing field. Companies often face a resource gap in marketing, and our team consists of experts with decades of experience doing in-house marketing across industries and disciplines. We offer B2B marketing services aligned to the client’s evolving needs.  We build and evolve the team based on your unique objectives and current stage. Clients have access to our entire team to augment in-house capacity and skill sets or to serve as their outsourced marketing department and provide leadership, oversight and execution as needed.

You’ll find respected experts around each of the core marketing functions. Our B2B marketing services span including inbound marketing, outbound lead generation, messaging & positioning, segmentation and market analysis, channel marketing, content development, sales enablement, web & digital marketing, public relations and influencer engagement.

Above all, you’ll find a team dedicated to your success. That’s Magnetude.

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