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You need a marketing partner who’s not just in the trenches of the tech sector but one who knows precisely how to connect you with your audience. We combine our knowledge of B2B technology with our experience partnering with Software Consultancies and Business and Technology Advisory Firms to understand the competitive landscape, market and tech ecosystem, selling models, and your prospects’ unique pain points.

Why is this important? Because it allows us to ramp up quickly without any hand-holding, hit the ground running, and deliver short term and long term results.

From strategic planning to thorough execution, we cover every marketing discipline. Experience the strategic insight of a marketing consultancy combined with the operational capabilities of a marketing agency.

Specialists in B2B Technology Marketing, Experienced across Industries


We possess unique expertise in tech marketing, enabling us to effectively position business consultancies at the forefront of their industry.

Information Technology Services

Cloud Computing

Showcase your unique cloud capabilities with compelling narratives that differentiate you in a crowded marketplace.

Data Management

Highlight your distinctive approach to data management, setting you apart as a leader in data reliability.

Business Intelligence

Demonstrate the unique value of your business intelligence solutions, making complex data insights accessible and actionable.

Automation & Robotics

Feature the cutting-edge innovations in your automation and robotics services, positioning you as a trailblazer in technology.

Business Management Tools

Emphasize the unique benefits of your business management tools, making them essential for organizations seeking efficiency and effectiveness.

HR Technology

Focus on the unique features of your HR technology expertise, emphasizing how they transform talent management and employee engagement.

Contact Center

Highlight the distinct advantages of your contact center solutions, ensuring superior customer experience and engagement.

Facilities Management

Showcase the efficient operations of your facilities management services, appealing to environmentally conscious clients.

Supply Chain Management

Highlight the unique aspects of your supply chain management solutions, enhancing visibility and optimization for your clients.


Feature the unique, user-centric design of your e-commerce solutions, driving business growth in the digital era.

Hands-on Digital Marketing Expertise with Consulting Insight


Our marketing methods are borne from deep-rooted experience in the consulting industry. We approach your business challenges with the same care and detail as if they were our own.

Marketing Strategy

Brand Messaging

Demand Generation

Channel Marketing

Website Design & Development

Content Strategy

Digital Marketing

Event Marketing

How We Work


We perform seamlessly like your very own in-house marketing function. Or provide the most effective blend of your existing capabilities and our specific expertise.

From Magnetude, you’ll get just what you need to be successful.

Respect Your Investment?

We work alongside your people and process investment, to protect and maximize your assets.

Full-Service Capability?

We’ll make sure you have exactly what you need, precisely when you need it.

Every Service Forced On You?

We’ll configure programs that are unique to your business and fine-tuned to deliver rapid results.

Magnetude Insights

Innovate with AI-Assisted Marketing

Ready to innovate your marketing? Learn more about how we incorporate AI responsibly and securely, enhancing your strategies with advanced technology. Our AI-supported solutions provide your marketing with current, practical and ethically managed solutions.

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