Marketing for B2B Products and Services

We understand your business model.

Marketing for products vs. services (or both) requires a nuanced understanding of the sales model, prospect personas, competitive landscape, and more. From the latest SaaS software to hardware and six-figure, high-end consulting engagements, Magnetude brings expertise across the spectrum.

Marketing for B2B Products

Whether it’s a physical product or a SaaS platform, marketing strategies and programs for B2B require specific expertise and deep knowledge. Selling models (marketplaces, channel, direct), metrics analysis and optimization, inbound and outbound strategies and many other facets must come into play to drive success.

Marketing for B2B Services

Services businesses require a deep understanding of the competitive landscape, typically are relationship-based (where the people are the ‘product’), and require very different marketing campaigns and tactics to move prospects to close. We are experts in marketing services businesses, including helping companies think through how to ‘productize’ services.

Marketing for B2B Products & Services

Many clients offer both products and services or have a deep technology base of partners that enhance their services. Maximizing the growth opportunities means capitalizing on strategies and programs that engage prospects across the full portfolio of solutions. Zeroing in on how the combined business offer brings unique value to prospects is part of any great marketing strategy.

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