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Cybersecurity is our specialty. Decades of experience helping cyber firms grow.

Our award-winning cybersecurity marketing agency is structured to deliver results quickly. Through working across the cyber security market landscape, we understand the players, targets, and ecosystem  that drive successful marketing strategies and programs.

Reaching Your Targeted Cybersecurity Audience

Who are you targeting? Magnetude can help.


Enterprise, mid-market, or SMB? Senior executives or boots-on-the-ground security staff? Targeting should be precise for the best results—and so should your marketing strategy and tactics. Often, the security role is carried by IT for smaller companies, or, as security shifts left and right, the decision-making landscape shifts too—so your marketing better keep up. Security is complicated and must consider adherence to standards bodies, compliance, current existing infrastructure, and vendor compatibility.

Some of the most successful cybersecurity marketing programs have been laser-focused on addressing specific target audiences. For any cyber security marketing campaign, your content should present a holistic image that reflects your brand, differentiation, and messaging pillars, and the messaging should resonate with the target market. We’re experts at making that happen—learn more about our cybersecurity marketing agency:

Persona Knowledge

Cybersecurity Persona Knowledge

In-depth knowledge of the target audience personas is critical to effectively marketing cybersecurity solutions. We help clients message and sell to both business and technical roles—CISOs, Security Analysts, DevSecOps, Risk and Compliance leadership and staff, and even non-security personas, including IT roles (who often undertake the security role in small and medium-sized businesses).

Marketing Campaign Results

Results-Driven Programming

Translating market and audience knowledge into actionable demand generation programming is also one of our core cybersecurity marketing functions. From creating compelling copy to digital marketing tactics like paid advertising, social media, and SEO to complete marketing plans and program execution—we know the levers to pull for cybersecurity companies to hit goals. Best of all, given our decade of history servicing cyber clients, we know what works, what to avoid, and how to drive prospects through the funnel.

Expert Talent

Expert Talent

Our strategic cybersecurity marketing, digital programming, inbound marketing, content, and PR resources have worked in the cybersecurity industry for decades and across many clients. We make every effort to match resources to unique client needs and the particulars of their technology space and targets.

Ecosystem Immersion

Ecosystem Immersion

More than understanding just the target, we are immersed in the ecosystem—attending ISSA sessions, talking to analysts and reporters, and joining leading events like RSA and BlackHat and specialized/regional events like SecureWorld and channel events. We even bring the ecosystem together with networking and learning events on everything from how to message to CISOs to cyber improv.

Right Marketing Direction

Full-Service B2B Marketing Agency

From strategy to execution to fractional leadership, Magnetude’s full-service fractional approach ensures you have the exact support you need, when you need it. A few of our key services include:

  • Marketing strategy
  • Brand messaging
  • Fractional CMO
  • Channel marketing
  • Product marketing
  • Content marketing
  • Website design and WordPress development
  • Public relations (PR) and analyst relations (AR)
  • Demand generation, lead generation, and inbound marketing
  • Digital marketing, including social media marketing, email marketing, paid media management (Google Ads, LinkedIn Ads, and more), Search Engine Optimization (SEO),
  • HubSpot implementation and management (and other marketing automation platforms)
  • Marketing analytics, including Google Analytics

Learn more about our full range of services.

Need Expert Cybersecurity Marketing?

A marketing strategy overhaul? Fractional marketing department or individual contributor? Messaging? Marketing Program Execution? Just Content? You got it. Let us drive results for your cybersecurity business.

Cybersecurity Marketing Services

Thinking-Power of a Marketing Consultancy

Getting-It-Done Power of a Marketing Agency


At Magnetude, we help our cybersecurity clients grow sustainably and cost-effectively through expert-led strategic marketing paired with top-notch execution of every marketing program. We are here to help your cybersecurity firm achieve your desired outcomes through an ever-shifting landscape and fast-paced industry.

Our unique and flexible fractional model means we can engage in many ways. Whether we lead or support marketing efforts throughout a client’s marketing environment or help fill specific gaps, we take a holistic view and deploy the right strategies and programs to assess, optimize, and launch programs for maximum impact.

Your business outcomes rely on great marketing. Learn more about our marketing services.

Spotlight on Cybersecurity Expertise

Truly effective cybersecurity marketing requires the skills to support industry-specific go-to-market components. Learn more about two of these specific service areas where Magnetude shines.

Cybersecurity Channel Marketing

Partners and the channel—MSPs, MSSPs, cybersecurity consultants, fractional CISOs, digital transformation and IT service providers, and more—make up a critical path to growth for many cybersecurity companies. And on the flip side, many cybersecurity companies are the channel and are looking to maximize vendor relationships.

Wherever your cybersecurity company falls in relationship to the channel, maximizing performance requires sales and marketing collaboration. Whether you have an established program and are looking to drive better performance, or we are working together to establish and launch a winning channel program, create joint marketing efforts, manage and maximize partner marketing funds (MDF), and improve channel sales enablement, Magnetude’s cybersecurity channel marketing expertise can help.

Cybersecurity Product Marketing

Product marketing is a crucial facet of expertise in cybersecurity marketing due to the complex, technical nature of cybersecurity products and services. Magnetude’s cybersecurity product marketing expertise can provide a strategic approach to competitive analysis, positioning, messaging, and go-to-market, helping to simplify complex solutions and highlight the business value while maintaining accurate technical information. In tandem, we craft precise, accessible collateral and deploy sales enablement strategy and tactics to empower the sales team with the essential insights and tools they need.

The combination of this strategic work and boots-on-the-ground support helps to ensure that cybersecurity products and services resonate with the right audience and stand out in a crowded and competitive market.


Magnetude Consulting Celebrates Continued Excellence with Top Honors in Cybersecurity Marketing

Finding the smart path to growth, keying in on true differentiators, and getting the attention of prospects through unified cybersecurity marketing and sales programs to an audience that hates marketing-speak is a challenge. The good news? We’ve helped clients do this and more.

Finding the Right Cybersecurity Marketing Agency

Expertise to Break Through the Noise


When you hire a cybersecurity marketing agency that has full-service capabilities, you benefit from the expertise and understanding of the cybersecurity landscape and gain access to a team of subject matter experts across the key functional areas of marketing. You can be sure that your marketing partner can start adding value immediately with no time to ramp up or get familiar with the complex and multifaceted cybersecurity industry.

Strong industry knowledge and marketing expertise are obvious requirements for working with any good cybersecurity marketing agency, but it takes more than these two factors to forge a successful partnership.

You should seek a firm where you can form a trusting partnership—and one that isn’t afraid to push the envelope and share differing opinions on your marketing needs based on its expertise.

For detailed information on how to ensure a good fit when you select a cybersecurity marketing agency, download our eBook: A Step-by-Step Guide to Finding the Right Cybersecurity Marketing Partner.

Delivering results in the fast-paced cybersecurity marketing space

Designing successful marketing campaigns requires integrating a complex ecosystem of marketing strategies and tactics. Organizations that only employ a few of the different cyber security marketing strategies or take a siloed approach frequently find inadequate results. Many organizations are struggling to:

  • Stay current with cyber security market trends
  • Have the depth of knowledge required to develop cybersecurity content
  • Adequately address the full breadth of B2B marketing skill sets required for successful execution
  • Keep pace with rapidly evolving technology, best practices, and tools across the entire marketing ecosystem
  • Generate creative and engaging marketing ideas

Finding the optimal balance of activities that drives sales and optimizes your marketing budget is often the primary challenge for cyber security marketers. As organizations struggle with this objective, the goal of keeping current on marketing tools, best practices, and trends tends to go unmet.

One way to overcome challenges is to supplement your team with outside resources. Whether you need expertise in specific functional areas of marketing or additional resources to augment your team’s efforts, you can engage a cybersecurity marketing agency for everything from project-based work to completely outsourced cybersecurity marketing.

At Magnetude Consulting, we have cyber security marketing experts who work with our clients across a range of models. For many clients, we start by reviewing or developing their cyber security marketing strategy and plans via our Rapid Marketing Assessment offering.

Cybersecurity segments we have extensive experience in include:

  • Network & Infrastructure Security
  • Application Security
  • Cybersecurity Training
  • Cybersecurity Services: Consulting, MSSP, MDR
  • Mobile Security
  • Threat Intelligence/Threat Hunting
  • Cloud Security
  • Vendor Ratings and Risk Analysis
  • IoT Security
  • Data Governance, Privacy, and Protection
  • Vulnerability Management
  • Cybersecurity Services: MDR, MSSP, Fractional CISOs
  • Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC)
  • Identity Security

Strategic Viewpoint

Our cybersecurity marketing clients count on our deep industry insight—from the cyber threat landscape to the competitive landscape—to help them make informed strategic decisions. We closely monitor the latest breaches, analyze expert opinions, and stay informed about the cybersecurity challenges end-users face daily. We are committed to keeping our finger on the pulse of the latest news and insights on the cybersecurity market to enhance our knowledge, share informed recommendations, and provide a rapid ramp on our clients’ businesses.

Cybersecurity Landscape Expertise

We keep abreast (and understand the implications) of vertical-specific and widely applicable cybersecurity regulations, standards, and laws. We understand risk, privacy, compliance, regulatory frameworks, requirements, changes, and impact on our clients’ customers and prospects: GDPR, NIST, HIPAA, FFIEC, and more. This in-depth understanding allows us to formulate marketing strategies that meet our client’s needs and drive success in an increasingly complicated digital world.

Stay Current with Cybersecurity Marketing Resources

One way to keep your skills current is to follow the blogs or join the mailing lists of cyber security marketing experts. These thought leaders frequently publish educational information that can help you stay up-to-date. Below are a few resources that might inspire and elevate your cyber security marketing strategies:

Cyber Security Marketing Ideas & Tips: Six Things to Do Differently for Sales Enablement

Whether selling cybersecurity products and services directly or through channel partners, today’s cybersecurity sales and marketing landscape requires being very precise and deliberate in targeting and engagement.

Marketing and Selling to Cybersecurity Leaders: 4 Ways to Fail, 4 Ways to Succeed.

How do you break through the noise and get noticed? One word: TRUST. Gaining the trust of cyber security leaders remains one of the top barriers to sales, and a concerted effort must be made to establish it with this audience.

How to Create Cybersecurity Content that Resonates with Your Prospects

Content is pivotal for all cybersecurity marketing programs, but achieving content marketing excellence is easier said than done, even in the age of AI, and many cybersecurity companies struggle to create enough relevant, authentic content to really move the needle.

Client Portfolio Examples

LMG Security

In our ongoing work as LMG’s ‘marketing department’ (5 years!), our team plays a strategic role on the leadership team and handles the bulk of the marketing programming, from strategy to social media, driving growth for this leading cybersecurity consulting firm.


From messaging to a new website and ongoing content marketing and lead generation, SilverSky is helping keep companies safe with enterprise-grade cybersecurity services for SMBs.


Following the acquisition of our client Bradford Networks, we’ve helped Fortinet on the content front to support their SLED teams.

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Cybersecurity Marketing FAQs

What are the best ways to promote cybersecurity products and services through marketing?

Marketing helps cybersecurity firms communicate the value of their cybersecurity solution, differentiate themselves in a competitive market, and reach potential customers who need protection against cyber threats. Use a mix of educational content, thought leadership, digital marketing, and targeted advertising. Engaging demos and trials can also show the effectiveness of your products. Influencer partnerships can expand your reach. Stay active in the ecosystem through associations and trade publications.

How do you develop a successful cybersecurity marketing strategy?

A successful strategy combines market research, understanding of cybersecurity trends, understanding the prospect personas, your unique position and value to the market, authentic and helpful  content creation, and leveraging digital marketing platforms to engage with the cybersecurity community effectively.

How do I evaluate a cybersecurity marketing agency?

Evaluating a cyber security marketing agency involves assessing several key aspects to ensure they align with your business objectives and can deliver the results you expect. Key elements to evaluate include industry and marketing expertise, proven experience, innovation and creativity, timeline to results and output quality.

How do you stay ahead in the rapidly evolving cybersecurity market?

Monitor the latest breaches, analyze expert opinions, and stay informed about end-user challenges, ensuring your strategies are ahead of market trends and cybersecurity developments.

What are the key elements of a successful cybersecurity marketing strategy?

  • Understanding Your Audience: Know their pain points and how your product solves them.
  • Clear Messaging: Be specific about benefits and differentiators.
  • Thought Leadership: Position yourself as an expert through cybersecurity content marketing.
  • Engagement: Interact with your audience via social media, forums, and other channels.
  • Measurement and Adaptation: Continuously analyze and optimize your strategy.

How do cybersecurity companies measure marketing success?

Success is measured by how well you achieve your goals. This could be through lead generation numbers, website traffic, conversion rates, or even cybersecurity brand awareness metrics. Choose the right key performance indicators (KPIs) based on your business objectives.

What is cybersecurity marketing?

Cybersecurity marketing involves strategies and tactics to promote cybersecurity products and services, highlighting their benefits in protecting against cyber threats and attacks.

How has the cybersecurity market changed in the past few years?

Over the past ten years alone, we’ve seen innovation and evolution of the market moving at a frenetic pace, with an interesting dichotomy. The market is going through maturity and consolidation, but new, disruptive technologies are also emerging—especially with the rapid acceleration of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Tried-and-true cyber threats such as ransomware, Business Email Compromise, and phishing are still very much a concern to businesses of all sizes, while newer, trending, and highly advanced tactics like supply chain attacks, AI-driven attacks, new zero-day vulnerabilities, and more continue to emerge and evolve.

Read more: Cybersecurity Market Outlook: Industry Trends and Insights.