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You’ll swear we were fully ramped, fully integrated, in-house hires. Starting from the best strategies for every program, through complete and thorough execution, all with associated metrics and optimization, we are YOUR team, end-to-end, totally collaborative, transparent, and committed to success. Having access to our collective superpowers across every execution discipline means success fast with no waste. We’ve worked on hundreds of marketing programs, so you’ll reap the well-honed benefits.

Demand & Lead Generation

Demand generation is designed to widen your reach, create interest and engagement, and push net new activity. Demand generation and lead generation programs are always unique to you.

Your prospects, your industry nuances, your funnel, and your message must marry with the right channels to fill a pipeline. Ascertaining the right marketing channels, often a mix of the tried and true with the latest approaches is critical to engaging your target audience.

We build and execute demand and lead generation programs that deliver- including email marketing, inbound marketing, social media, digital advertising, and events.

We often take a pilot approach to test and optimize before scaling. It saves time and money in the long run. We use analytics to measure everything we do, allowing us to continually analyze and optimize efforts.

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Web Design & Development

Build from scratch. Rip and replace. Facelifts. Optimizations. Your company’s digital presence is your face to the world. From web design, development, and deployment to content, buyer journeys, inbound optimization, SEO, and content, we’ve got the team to make it happen, efficiently.

We’ve got the creative talent, the content/messaging talent, the skill to make your site an in-bound engine and SEO magnet, and the back-end development chops to make sure the site performs and is secure.

Given tight timelines, we are skilled at carving out a phased approach, often launching robust MVP sites to meet launch requirements and mapping additional layers and functionality after the initial launch.


Content Strategy & Development

Subject matter expertise should be at the root of all content, but far too often companies rely on junior staff or content farms for writing – and then wonder why their marketing isn’t working.

We pride ourselves on generating quality content – whether that’s true thought leadership or deeply technical concepts, we are perfectionists when it comes to content.

Our writers have decades of experience in their respective fields, with specific industry expertise, having worked for top publications and industry leaders.

Our writers are equally adept at long and short form content, web content, social, product marketing and sales content, video scripts, eBooks, infographics, case studies, whitepapers, presentations, and more.

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Public Relations

Public relations is a complex discipline – everything from media relations, analyst relations, and influencer relations, to speaking gigs, awards, releases, contributed articles, and more.

PR always gives a big boost to awareness and is an essential ingredient to establishing or solidifying your position in the market. PR has undergone seismic shifts, but we’ve got it covered. With highly seasoned experts that know how to help you spin up the right message, grab attention, and get your brand traction.

We right-size your PR program and ensure it reflects your brand, message, and voice, and integrates with your entire marketing plan.

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Sales Enablement

Sales enablement is a critical piece of marketing’s responsibility. From developing the right messages and nurture cadences, to process strategy and deployment, key materials, ABM, and social selling, we are fully integrated with sales.

Magnetude offers sales enablement and support services including inside sales, sales process enhancement, sales tool creation, sales training program development, and sales and marketing technology implementation and optimization.

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Channel Marketing Programs

Whether you utilize channels (including distributors, VARs, integrators, technology partnerships, strategic alliances, or even referrals) or you ARE the channel partner like a managed service provider, maximizing marketing and sales efforts is key. We bring expertise in all channel arrangements.

In the case of reselling relationships, arming your channel with the right level of support that puts you ahead of the pack, top of mind, and makes it easier for them to sell is the hallmark of a great channel marketing program.

Support includes full channel marketing programs, sales playbooks, training, and campaigns in a box. We’ve helped clients optimize and maximize returns on MDF efforts from both sides – vendor and channel partner.

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Paid Advertising & Media

Highly targeted advertising is a great component of any lead generation program. But this discipline requires SMEs to design, launch, and optimize based on complex metrics. Digital marketing generalists often don’t have the depth of knowledge required. We have deep expertise in creating complex programs and designing for a ‘crawl, walk, run’ approach to mitigate risk and maximize results.

Great paid campaigns marry complete prospect, industry, and targeting criteria, and the best messaging, content, and creative layered with a complex, deep data analysis component to provide the best results as you scale.

Adwords, LinkedIn, syndicated channels, display – we know them all inside out.


Search engine optimization (SEO) programming takes expertise, commitment, and equal parts strategy and execution. Sure, we’d all like to rank on page 1 of Google tomorrow, but don’t be naïve, this discipline is a true art and science. It’s not enough to populate a few keywords.

SEO efforts are impacted by content strategy and development, website front and back end, competitive considerations, and utilization and integration of many technologies for analysis. Done right, it delivers targeted traffic and inbound leads – and often the best leads are a result of SEO.

Yes, it is a time and cost investment, but it’s worth it if done right.

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Marketing and Sales Technology

MarTech, RevTech, SalesTech – these are all core to metrics, analysis, reporting, data-driven insights, and automation, but you should be smart about what tech you need and make sure it’s being properly leveraged – otherwise it can be a source of waste.

Yes, we’re a leading HubSpot firm, but our SMEs know the ins and outs of many of the major Martech and Salestech platforms (and how they all fit together).

Marketo, Pardot, Salesforce, MailChimp, Constant Contact, SalesLoft,, ZoomInfo, and more.

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Event Marketing

Despite the proliferation of digital marketing, face-to-face time with clients and prospects can still provide irreplaceable marketing impact. Even though on-site events are still returning to normal, we help our clients by identifying target events (including virtual events like webinars, online panels, and LinkedIn Live events), submitting for speaking opportunities, planning, and managing event logistics, maximizing event-related media opportunities, and developing pre-and post-show promotions. We also work with clients looking to host their own customer and prospect events.


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“In my role as board advisor responsible for building Luminoso Technologies’ marketing function, I was seeking a B2B marketing agency partner. We chose Magnetude based on their diverse marketing expertise, their knowledge of building an effective and scalable demand generation function, and their experience working alongside a firm with constantly evolving needs.”
Jim Follett, Board Advisor

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