[Webinar Recording & Slides] Let's Battle: Inbound or Outbound - Which is Actually the Fastest Path to Sales?

Q&A Webinar Debate Between a Marketing Agency and an Outsourced SDR Firm

In this exciting new webinar, we answer the age-old question: What drives more sales—outbound sales or inbound marketing?

In one corner: Magnetude Consulting, a marketing consulting firm that’s brought in thousands of inbound leads for clients. In the other: Inside Sales Solutions, a boutique outsourced SDR firm that sets over 10,000+ appointments for clients per year.

Bring your friends for a court-side seat because we’ll take sides…and share advice gleaned from working with over 1,000 B2B companies on which strategy makes sense for your business, and when.

And because the world is vastly different these days, we’ll also cover how the pandemic has changed the landscape for both of these strategies. You’ll leave with an answer to the question, “does today’s environment change whether I should choose outbound or inbound?

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Natalie Nathanson
Founder & CEO, Magnetude Consulting

Natalie Nathanson is the Founder & CEO of Magnetude Consulting. Magnetude Consulting is a B2B marketing firm that works with companies looking to grow more rapidly and compete more effectively, helping clients market the right way in today’s increasingly complex environment. The firm provides growth strategy and planning consulting services as well as full-service marketing implementation support in areas spanning messaging and positioning, marketing plan development, digital marketing, demand generation, channel marketing, sales enablement, content development and brand visibility.

Prior to founding Magnetude in 2012, Natalie led the marketing team for the Information Technology line of business at analyst firm Forrester Research, where she also helped launch their first internal sales enablement function in 2009. She has also served in a range of other in-house marketing roles at a few successful tech firms spanning both early and later-stage ventures.

Natalie speaks at industry events on a range of company growth topics and is a regular contributor to Forbes and other industry publications. She has also serve as an advisor and mentor to numerous B2B companies through executive-level advisory support and mentorship participation in a number of tech accelerators, helping companies shape their go-to-market, marketing strategies, and marketing organizational plans.

Seth Kinney
VP of Global Sales, Inside Sales Solutions

Seth is a result driven strategic sales leader with over 18 years of experience in Inside Sales and Sales Development. He has helped build and manage many successful sales development programs for some of the world’s leading B2B technology providers and has served as a trusted advisor to numerous sales and marketing leaders looking to improve the results of their pipeline creation efforts.

Seth also possesses a wide range of expertise in multiple sales development strategies, sales processes, and has a deep understanding of all industry leading technology used throughout the sales development landscape. By combining best of breed tooling, processes, and training, he helps guide his clients towards more predictable, scalable, and consistent results.