Why Magnetude

Why Choose Magnetude as Your New Marketing Partner?

Every marketing agency and consultancy will talk about how they are different. Some live up to the marketing hype, some don’t. When choosing a marketing partner or making a switch, there should be a rigorous evaluation and vetting. In the end, we believe marketing is more than a functional seat to fill, it is a key driver of your business, and of vital importance to reaching company goals. That’s our focus – achieving your goals and outcomes, but the path there needs to be flawless as well. Based on our model, methodologies, and mindset, we stand out as unique.

Whatever your needs, we will de-risk your marketing investments and help make it your engine of business opportunity and growth.

How can we drive results for your business?

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Our Model is Unique: From Engagements to Expertise

Engaging with any type of external partner must make business sense. From our engagement options and approaches to setting up your delivery team, we have a critical eye on providing the highest value, filling your gaps, and ultimately avoiding risk. How do we do that? Our fractional full teams, targeted ongoing support, or specific project models have multiple benefits:

One-stop solution: Integrated, efficient, and accountable

Marketing program areas shouldn’t be siloed and management of multiple external vendors can be highly inefficient. Lack of integrated strategy and execution leads to poor outcomes. Today, no one person is the expert in all things marketing so we deploy a matrix model of generalists and specialists, and our full-service capabilities make us ‘tactic agnostic’. With our model, you get integrated efforts that translate into high-impact, efficient operations. You’ll get the best marketing strategy PERIOD, not just the one that fits in our wheelhouse.

Senior-Level Expertise: Marketing and Industries

Our people are the essence of our business, so they better be the best. There is no bait and switch, just quality talent. A majority of our team have come from in-house roles, they know what you face. All teams apply deep experience and bring in seasoned experts in every marketing discipline to drive results. Layer on the decades of industry-specific experience and you’ve got a high-impact collective asset that’s hard to find elsewhere in today’s landscape.

Flexible and Agile

Mapped to your gaps, growth trajectory, marketing maturity, and company lifecycle means you get only what you need when you need it, and for however long it makes business sense. Magnetude has full-service capabilities, so engagements, teams, and deployment are custom-tailored to every client and ready to pivot on a dime while still recognizing the time required to drive initiatives to completion. Regardless of the engagement model, we are skilled at working hand-in-hand with your existing internal or external resources.

Our Methodologies: Uncommonly Integrated and Optimized

Quality and value need to be infused in how our work is delivered, that’s a given. Clients benefit from the cross-pollination of thinking that comes from our experience working with hundreds of companies, but every effort is honed and tuned to focus on what is unique for their business. It’s about knowing what works, avoiding missteps, and ensuring the optimum path to results. Given the ever-accelerating pace of change in today’s landscape, this approach is critical to minimizing risk.

Data-Driven. Results Oriented. Efficient.

We apply out-of-the-box thinking, when necessary, backed up by practical, logical, and rational ‘proof’. Every engagement may be different (as it should be), but we’ve instilled highly developed rigor in our ability to utilize data to drive insights and action. From marketing metrics to sales results and integration, you can expect this is table stakes. We are detail-oriented, reflected in the cohesive planning and dashboard of day-to-day activities. We will pilot and test, optimize, then scale to ensure the least waste with the highest reward – and accelerate this process where possible to shorten cycles.

Ability to Fast Track, Pivot, and Accelerate

A well-designed strategy has high value, but we appreciate clients often need immediate action. We have built our frameworks, methodologies, and process to enable operation on parallel tracks to streamline efforts and compress timelines. For example, we often do strategic assessments at the same time we deploy great ‘low hanging fruit’ demand gen programs or launch MVP websites that get you where you want to be on an accelerated timeline. Finally, because of our approach, there is no ‘turbo lag’ from engagement to productivity – we are proud of our ability to hit the ground running.

Integrated and Adaptable.

Given our depth and breadth, we meet clients where they are, integrate quickly, and start producing. We stand behind our ability to mimic a complete in-house function by instilling integration as a core principle of all our delivery. Every effort is designed to complement, build on, and maximize related and adjacent efforts from strategy through execution. Out of the gate, our process is well-established to quickly integrate not only with internal teams – including existing marketing team members, executive teams, sales teams, or your channel partners. We also can work seamlessly with other existing marketing vendor relationships.

Your Experience with Us Matters: It’s all about Mindset

In any business relationship, what is delivered is critically important – but the day-to-day interaction and experience are of paramount importance too. We strive to make our clients’ experience a truly unique differentiator, and the best ‘fit’ relationships for both sides are based on traits like respect, collaboration, and cohesion.

  • Our clients’ goals and outcomes are adopted as our own – we know why we were hired – and we’re going to deliver beyond expectations.
  • We act with urgency, knowing we must match your pace and hold ourselves accountable to deadlines.
  • Constant, consistent, and detailed responsiveness should be expected and fulfilled.

Pragmatic & Authentic

No company has endless resources, so every plan must be practical, achievable, and laser-focused. We budget and spend responsibly as if your dollars were our dollars. We always seek the best possible outcome within the constraints that are in place. You can expect honest and transparent communication – from identifying roadblocks and workarounds to consistently surfacing recommendations – even when they might conflict with prior thinking. Clients should never be left second-guessing about the ‘why’ behind what we are proposing or delivering.

Positive, Resilient, and Collaborative

We always try to start with ‘Yes!’ when facing challenges, new ideas, or new initiatives. But not if it doesn’t make sense for your business, diverts focus, or may lead to waste. We aren’t fazed by adversity, change, or required pivots, we see it as a challenge to overcome. Finally, the value we bring is amplified when we truly operate as one. It’s the only way to get a multiplier effect.

Dedicated to Continuous Improvement

We are seekers –intellectually curious about new ideas, new methods, and new processes while remaining nimble, agile, and resourceful in our approach. We are inspired by and reflect the entrepreneurial drive and passion of our clients. You’ll clearly see the motivation to achieve for your business: we never stop at ‘good enough’- that would never hold up to our standard of quality.

Let's Explore the Fit

The only way to truly find out if there is a mutual fit and we can help advance your business is to talk. So let's do it!