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Startup Spotlight: An Interview with Quant5

Quant5: a Startup with a New Breed of Predictive Analytics Magnetude recently met with Doug Levin, CEO of Quant5, a SaaS startup dedicated to improving the revenue and cost performance of customer-facing operations through an entirely new breed of Consumer Analytics.  Find out their story through our latest startup spotlight… Read More

5 Steps to Improve B2B Lead Generation Program Results

Eric Wittlake is a digital and B2B marketer with a background in analytics and online media. Based in Portland, Oregon, he runs the media group at Babcock & Jenkins. To read his original post on email list guides, click here.  From content to process to branding, here are five steps… Read More

The “How” and “What” of AB Testing for Email Marketing

Using AB Testing to Optimize Your Lead Generation Have you ever designed email campaigns with AB testing to improve your lead generation results? You’ll find it’s not so different from any optimization exercise, such as a coach determining the right baseball lineup. AB testing involves determining what you want to… Read More

Preparing Your Startup’s MVP for the Big Leagues

How and When to Bring Your MVP to Market If you’re like most startup founders, The Lean Startup is like your bible.  You’re most likely using a step-by-step approach when developing your Minimum Viable Product (MVP), performing vital iterations after each feedback session from friends, family, alpha and beta customers. … Read More

Crowdfunding Success: Market Before You Launch

Set Yourself up for Crowdfunding Success: Getting Ready to Launch Your Campaign Asking someone to believe in and support your dream is never easy, but it’s essential for most entrepreneurs.  For crowdfunding campaigns in particular, it is the path to success.  Many entrepreneurs have turned to crowdfunding to help in… Read More

An Interview with TextMaster

Textmaster: Crowdsourcing your Translation, Copywriting, and Proofreading Needs Today’s interview is with the US Business Development manager of Textmaster, Kristi Poldsam.  Textmaster is a crowdsourcing platform that provides translation, copywriting, and proofreading by professionals. Can you tell me a bit about your background as it relates to startups? I am… Read More

Bringing a Startup’s Low Budget Video to Life

6 Steps to Creating a Low Budget Video Did you know that over 4 billion videos are watched over the Internet every day, and on average users will actually double their time on webpages that include videos?  This makes a great case for creating your own for your company’s website. … Read More

Public Relations 101: Following the Yellow Brick Road

A startup’s crash course in Public Relations 101 We have found over our time working with startups that many have a strong interest in public relations activities, but through their own efforts they’ve found that it isn’t as simple as following the yellow brick road.  Unfortunately, there is no single… Read More

B2B Email List Guide: Buying, Renting or Building Your List

Eric Wittlake is a digital and B2B marketer with a background in analytics and online media. Based in Portland, Oregon, he runs the media group at Babcock & Jenkins. To read his original post on email list guides, click here. Whether you want to promote your upcoming webcast, send a… Read More

Quality Content Marketing Comes in Two Sizes

This blog post was written by Fernando Ramirez.  Fernando is a marketing intern for Magnetude Consulting with a specific focus on content marketing, social media, and data analysis. Creating Short-form & Long-form Quality Content to Generate & Keep Site Traffic Learning how to create quality content is a powerful force… Read More

Startup Spotlight: An Interview with Jebbit

Jebbit: Linking Customers & Organizations Together Through Online Engagement Today’s interview is with the business development team from Jebbit.  Jebbit unlocks exclusive ads around 99.5% of the web and rewards consumers with money and deals for learning about brands that interest them.   When did you start working for Jebbit?  Michael:… Read More

Startup Spotlight: An Interview with Angel Ed

Angel Ed: The First Crowdfunding Platform to Eliminate Student Debt Today’s interview is with the founder of Angel Ed, Navah Fuchs. Angel Ed is a crowdfunding platform connecting students of all ages committed to higher education with individual and corporate donors invested in bringing about a brighter tomorrow. How did… Read More

Startup Lessons from Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs share challenges they overcome through 3 startup lessons Every entrepreneur sets out to build something unique and special in the market, but with each step they take comes an array of highs and lows.  As active members of our startup community, we speak with entrepreneurs incessantly.  We have had… Read More

Social Promotion in Real-Time: How to Keep Your Startup Relevance

How to Use a Social Promotion in Real-Time Whoever said patience is a virtue clearly wasn’t thinking of social media marketing, where speed is the essence to relevance.  The creation of the Internet, followed years later by the development of the social networks we know and love today, have given… Read More

Build Your Startup Brand with Messaging and Positioning

Startup Brand Development: Messaging and Positioning Given our work with early stage startups, we often work with ventures trying to build their startup brand and raise awareness of what they do. “Branding is not simply a name, a logo, or a tagline slogan—it’s a reason for being,” says Thomas Dawson… Read More

Startup Spotlight: An Interview with UNREAL Candy

UNREAL Candy: Candy that’s Unjunked Today’s interview is with Cofounders of UNREAL Candy, Nicky Bronner and Adam Melonas.  UNREAL Candy has perfected “unjunking” brand name candy by taking out all unnecessary ingredients, but maintaining the familiar and well loved taste. How did the idea for Unreal Candy come about? Nicky:… Read More

Lean Startup Marketing: Invest your Time or your Money?

Marketing for your Lean Startup – Two paths to take The lean startup is virtually the de facto standard of the startup world today with rapid hypothesis testing, agile development, and incessant market and customer engagement.  Savvy entrepreneurs who employ lean startup methodologies understand the importance of failing fast, learning… Read More

The Startup Marketing Internship

Startup Marketing: What I’ve Learned at Magnetude With summer drawing to a close, we’re starting to say goodbye to our summer interns.  At Magnetude, our interns are in a unique position in that they get to do startup marketing for a company that specializes in marketing—double learning.  As a result,… Read More

7 Step Guide to Creating Perfect Content

Eric Wittlake is a digital and B2B marketer with a background in analytics and online media. Based in Portland, Oregon, he runs the media group at Babcock & Jenkins. To read his original post on this guide to content marketing, click here.  Have you ever clicked on a promising headline… Read More

Startup Spotlight: An Interview with QuadWrangle

QuadWrangle: A Social Platform for Alumni Today’s startup spotlight is with the co-founder of QuadWrangle, Nick Zeckets. QuadWrangle establishes valuable connections for universities and alumni through a social platform. Tell me about your professional background and how that led to starting QuadWrangle. One of my first jobs after college was… Read More

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