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Magnetude Blog Series: A First Time Founder’s Guide to Building a Marketing Plan (Step I)

Welcome to Magnetude Mondays, where every Monday morning for the next eight weeks, we’ll share with you how to create a realistic and executable marketing plan for your early stage venture. Step one is all about defining your business objectives. Step I: Establish Your Business Objectives While you likely already… Read More

Magnetude Blog Series: A First-Time Founder’s Guide to Building a Marketing Plan (Intro)

Magnetude Consulting is pleased to introduce an eight part blog series geared towards start-up founders and other non-marketing entrepreneurs who need help building a context-appropriate marketing plan for their venture. Dubbed ‘Magnetude Mondays’, each Monday morning for the next eight weeks, Magnetude will bring you one step closer to having… Read More


Hiking in Flip Flops: Getting your Employees on Message

If we asked each employee at your startup, “what does your company do?” how many different responses would we get? Chances are you’d get as many responses as there are employees. ​It’s hard enough for startups to build awareness in today’s crowded market. But if on top of that, each… Read More


Forget What Your Mother Told You—Talk to Strangers

Having spent half a decade at a market research firm, I’m always a bit irked when firms dismiss the value of market research.  The days of ‘build it and they will come’ are long gone, and the insights that market research provides can be the make-or-break factor for a startup.… Read More


Building Your Prospect Database: Where to start? (Part I)

Build Your Prospect List to Fit Your Needs Like most startups, when you’re finally ready to scale your venture, you reach a point where you want to start launching marketing campaigns. It is at that moment that you’ll realize the catch 22: you can’t market without contacts, but it’s hard… Read More


Building Your Prospect Database (Part II): What are my Options?

Find the Right Option for Building Your Prospect Database In our last post, we started talking about approaches for getting contacts into your startup’s prospect database. With that basic understanding in hand, let’s look at these sources in a bit more detail: List Purchase: Just as it sounds, you work… Read More

Startup Leads

Lead Generation: What Your Startup Needs

Steps for Startup Lead Generation In my conversations with startup leaders the past few weeks, lead generation emerged as a universal pain point. While most had embarked upon some form of it, few found the results that were up to par with their expectations. Their efforts yielded more noise than… Read More

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