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Driving Growth with the Right Sales & B2B Marketing Technologies

Driving Growth with the Right Sales & B2B Marketing Technologies

If your sales pipeline is too sparse or you don’t have enough confidence your team will hit revenue targets, you’re not alone. Many sales-focused leaders we work with are challenged by the balancing act of driving their reps to prospect regularly, giving enough attention to high value clients, and balancing… Read More

B2B Channel Marketing: The Forgotten Stepchild

B2B Channel Marketing: The Forgotten Stepchild

For decades, thousands of tech firms have been leveraging channel partners to help drive Sales—with 80% of on-premise software and a rapidly rising 23% of SaaS firms having channel partner programs.  But while the AWS’s of the world have large and robust b2b channel marketing functions, many smaller tech firms… Read More

b2b digital marketing efforts assessment

Assessing Your Firm’s B2B Digital Marketing Campaigns

For years now, marketing has been evolving at an increasingly accelerated pace, requiring B2B firms to continuously evolve their practices in order to stay relevant and competitive. However, in the last few years in particular, b2b digital marketing campaigns has evolved in unprecedented ways, and the digital marketing skills and… Read More

Outsource, Hire or Blend: Deciding on the Right Marketing Org Structure

Outsource, Hire or Blend: Deciding on the Right Marketing Org Structure

When a company is looking to invest in marketing—whether for the first time or to embark on a more comprehensive marketing initiative—the question of when to hire versus when to use an outsourced marketing company inevitably crosses the minds of business leaders. There are numerous considerations based on a company’s… Read More

eBook: B2B Tech Marketing and the Role of the CEO eBook

B2B Marketing & CEOs: Key Elements of Success

A CEO’s relationship with marketing can be best defined as “complicated” in most B2B startup and small business environments. As a specialized B2B marketing agency, we have worked with numerous clients of various sizes, solutions and industry sectors. The glaring issue we’ve found is that more often than not, CEOs… Read More

Fuel your B2B Marketing Strategy with 3 Unexpected Sources for Competitive Market Analysis

Fuel your B2B Marketing Strategy with 3 Unexpected Sources for Competitive Market Analysis

Market intelligence and analysis is critical for the B2B marketing strategies of large and small companies alike. While many companies feel constrained by lack of budget to invest in competitive market analysis, in this post we share a number of creative approaches that can yield valuable insights into your target… Read More

4 Marketing Technology Trends You Can't Afford to Ignore

Four Marketing Technology Trends You Can’t Afford to Ignore in 2016

Marketing is evolving at a more rapid pace than ever before, and much of this is due to the progression of technology. As marketers become smarter with better access to data and analytics, strategies and approaches to B2B technology marketing are also evolving. The following trends will help you understand… Read More

New Growth from a Single Seed: How the Content Piece you Already Have Can Expand into Multiple Resources

New Growth from a Single Seed: How the Content Piece you Already Have Can Expand into Multiple Resources

B2B Content marketing: you know you should be doing it, but honestly, it can seem like a lot of time and effort, especially for smaller companies with limited resources. You may be thinking, ‘With all that I am responsible for, how can I possibly put out high quality content month… Read More

What’s in a Name? Ideas to Jumpstart your Company’s Naming Process

What’s in a Name? Ideas to Jumpstart your Company’s Naming Process

We’ve all got our favorites – those company and product names that are memorable, creative and make you think “Why didn’t I think of that?” Because naming is a complicated and time consuming process (there’s a reason there are entire agencies devoted to this), in this post we’ll focus on… Read More

Roundup: Top 5 B2B Marketing Blogs of 2015

With 2015 being the year for content marketing, this trend isn’t showing any signs of slowing down in the New Year. Gain B2B marketing insights to help plan for 2016 by checking out some of our top 2015 blogs posts you may have missed:   Marketing to IT Audiences: Winning Over… Read More

3 Things Magnetude is Thankful for this Thanksgiving

Magnetude is thankful for… Boston being such a robust startup hub.  As an outsourced marketing firm that caters exclusively to entrepreneurial B2B firms, we are thankful to reside in a city that can appreciate our startup scene as much as we do our sports teams. We are lucky to have… Read More

advice for engaging outsourced marketing companies

3 Reasons Outsourced Marketing Companies Help Accelerate B2B Growth

As a leader at a small B2B tech firm, when’s the last time you felt you didn’t have enough to do? What about the last time you weren’t focused on driving growth? Had too many leads? Knew exactly what to do about it? Outsourced marketing companies can help provide the… Read More

b2b digital marketing SEO tips

The Ongoing Quest for Google Page1 – Should B2B Companies Invest in SEO?

Search engine optimization (SEO) can sometimes be viewed by senior executives as a mystery. It’s something all businesses “need” and combines keywords, meta tags, and content to impact where your website and other online channels show up on Google and other search engines. It’s a function of marketing, but one… Read More

Map Marketing to Your Sales Structure: 5 Archetypes at Small B2B Tech Firms

We all know sales and marketing go hand-in-hand, but for many small B2B tech companies, Sales often enters the picture first (as it should in many cases in order to confirm product/market fit and drive early revenues). So what (and when) exactly is the right way to bring marketing into… Read More

Dear John Doe: Tips for Personalized Marketing To Boost Conversion Rates

Marketing automation systems—and really, even the simplest of email marketing platforms—enable a level of “personalization” for outbound email marketing. That “personalization” usually begins and ends (sadly) with inserting the first name of the prospect or customer receiving the email. And even more tragic is often data is not structured or… Read More

Roundup: Top 5 B2B Marketing Blogs

Marketing to IT Audiences: Winning Over the Skeptics

Know your audience. It’s one of the basic tenets of marketing and a critical first step before you even think about tactics and programs. Most who market to consumers have many resources available from companies like Nielson and others to build a clear picture of their target audience. It doesn’t… Read More

5 Mistakes You Might be Making with Google AdWords

As a leader of a B2B startup or small business, you may have considered Google AdWords as an option for lead generation. After all, it’s easy to set up, you only pay when someone clicks, and it’s pretty self-sufficient (not to mention the temping $50 credits Google continues to send… Read More

Repurposing Content: It’s not Just Putting New Lipstick on an Old Pig

Content marketing is not just a fad; it’s a proven marketing strategy that not only helps B2B marketers generate leads, but also generates higher quality leads at a lower cost per lead than other marketing tactics. In fact, according to the Content Marketing Institute’s report, “B2B Content Marketing: 2015 Benchmarks,… Read More

Spray & Pray or Laser Focus? Tips for Setting Your Market Segmentation Strategy

Whether you are just starting your business plan, piloting your technology during beta, ramping up to launch, or expanding your market opportunities, having a thoroughly vetted market segmentation strategy is critical considering the amplified effect it will have on every other facet of your marketing program. Horizontal messaging and programming… Read More

The Future of SEO: Marketing to People, Not Pages

Ben Franklin once said, “We must, indeed, all hang together, or most assuredly we shall all hang separately.” While this idea can be applied to many parts of life, it is certainly applicable to marketing. As a professional at a B2B tech firm, you are likely faced with the task… Read More