Specific wishlist? Magnetude can provide project-based strategy and execution programs.

Business goals shift as companies grow, sometimes requiring a fresh and unbiased view of how to tackle new initiatives. We have helped many clients find the best path forward to:

  • Launch products and services or expand into new markets
  • Re-launch or pivot a company’s brand and market focus in the face of new competitive or market pressures
  • Transition to new product or service sales models
  • Create or re-work marketing strategies and plans based on new thinking and best practices
  • Hone in on their true value propositions and determine the best ways to articulate and amplify the message externally (and internally)
  • Ramp direct sales and channel efforts to fuel ambitious growth trajectories

From a marketing standpoint, these types of business drivers and initiatives require new strategies and directions. With a team of cross-disciplinary senior and executive level marketers who have tackled these scenarios many times, Magnetude is uniquely positioned to provide project-based strategy and execution programs.

Our most in-demand project areas include:

Marketing Assessments, Audits & Marketing Planning

Assessments are one of our most popular and highly regarded offerings, due to our rapid review process and level of strategic insight, balancing quick-impact recommendations with longer term roadmaps. These come in a few different flavors and are designed to quickly and thoroughly understand where you are today and provide recommendations, a roadmap, and implementation plan to achieve your business goals.

Our assessments can focus on addressing specific aspects of marketing—inbound marketing, search marketing, content marketing, etc.—or look at the marketing and sales environment holistically and support multi-channel plan development or enhancement. When needed, our assessments include a determination of the right marketing organization structures (or restructures) and budget allocations for companies expanding their marketing footprint.

Branding & Positioning

Based on a strategic assessment of your company and offerings, coupled with a rigorous competitive and market review, we derive insights to drive brand and positioning strategy. From naming and visual representation to creating high level positioning statements, we help guide you on how to stand out with the right audiences.

Go-to-Market Planning

New products, market expansion into new segments, or transitions into alternative or additional business models, demand critical thinking and strategic planning. Primary and secondary market research, product sales models and selling architectures, persona development, segmentation and targeting, pilot program development, and creation of execution plans and rollout timelines are a few of the areas we cover.

Messaging, Content Maps and Planning

Messaging development is the key to articulating the unique value of a firm to its target markets. Messaging frameworks are a critical culmination of these efforts to provide clarity and direction for all external and internal communications. Magnetude is adept at zeroing in on the unique value propositions, audience personas, pain points and proof points. We translate the brand and positioning into solid messaging planks, creating the directional messaging that drives the inward and outward face of a company.

Content is now the core of all marketing programs. We work with clients to develop content strategies and plan content marketing and sales enablement programs based on personas and the buyer journey, sales needs, market and competitive considerations, and thought leadership objectives in order to drive the right content to the right people at the right time.

Website Redesign or Enhancement

Whether a full rip-and-replace or incremental enhancements to maximize existing assets, aesthetics or optimization for lead conversions, Magnetude has over two dozen website enhancements under our belt. From strategic planning, visual and copy development, inbound optimization to back-end development, integration and testing, we ensure every step is in support of overall business and marketing objectives.

Conversion Funnel Analysis & Optimization

Sometimes the funnel is the most misunderstood part of the sales and marketing process. Oftentimes, the right data is hard to access or unavailable, so we work with companies to put the best process in place to run smoothly and ensure metrics-based optimizations are possible. Process maps, funnel dissection and analysis, sales enablement requirements throughout the funnel, ABM programs, and social selling are a few of the areas we focus on to better equip sales and marketing leaders to make the right decisions.

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