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The cyber security market is evolving at a frenetic pace. Analysts predict the industry will grow from $137 billion market in 2017, to a $231 billion market by 2020. Driven by factors such as IoT, cloud, Artificial Intelligence (AI), robotics and more, cyber security marketing in today’s environment requires agile strategies that reach multiple different target personas involved in an organization’s cyber security function.

As you develop your cyber security marketing strategies, it is important to keep target personas top of mind. IDG found that when organizations buy any sort of technology (not just security-related), an average of 15.5 stakeholders are involved in the process. Security is complicated and must take into account adherence to standards bodies, compliance, current existing infrastructure, and vendor compatibility.

With that in mind, it’s no surprise that some of the most successful cyber security marketing programs have been laser focused on addressing specific target audiences. Companies should understand the role their solution plays at different levels of the organization—from the developer or security analyst to the IT Director or CISO—and align messaging and programs accordingly.

For example, companies sometimes falsely assume that going straight to the decision-maker will produce faster results. While that can hold true, some very successful cyber security firms have made their mark by targeting the users of the solution first, and then using that groundswell to make larger enterprise-level sales.

In developing any cyber security marketing campaign, it’s important to ensure that your content – including PR, digital ad creative, social media, web content, etc. – presents a holistic image that reflects your brand, differentiation and messaging pillars. At the same time, it’s just as important to fully understand the pain points of the target persona(s) and ensure the content has the authenticity and depth of knowledge to resonate with the target market.

These are just a few foundations to keep in mind for effective program planning. For more advice on cyber security marketing strategies, we have several free resources that help you design successful strategies and campaigns.

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Navigating the complexities of today’s interconnected cyber security marketing environment

Designing successful marketing campaigns requires integrating a complex ecosystem of marketing strategies and tactics. Organizations that only employ a few of the different cyber security marketing strategies or take a siloed approach frequently find inadequate results. Many organizations are struggling to:

  • Stay current with cyber security market trends
  • Have the depth of knowledge required to develop content for cyber security audiences
  • Adequately address the full breadth of B2B marketing skill sets required for successful execution
  • Keep pace with rapidly evolving technology, best practices, and tools, across the entire marketing ecosystem
  • Generate creative and engaging cyber security marketing ideas

Finding the optimal balance of activities that drives sales and optimizes your marketing budget is often the primary challenge for cyber security marketers. As organizations struggle with this objective, the goals of keeping current on marketing tools, best practices and trends, tend to go unfulfilled.

One way to keep your skills current is to follow the blogs or join the mailing lists of cyber security marketing experts. These thought leaders frequently publish educational information that can help you stay up-to-date. Below are a few resources that might help inspire and elevate your cyber security marketing strategies:

Another way to overcome challenges is to supplement your team with outside resources. Whether you need expertise in specific functional areas of marketing or additional manpower to augment your team’s efforts, you can engage a cyber security marketing agency for everything from project-based work, to completely outsourced cyber security marketing.

At Magnetude Consulting, we have cyber security marketing experts who work with our clients across a range of models. For many clients, we start by reviewing or developing their cyber security marketing strategy and plans via our Rapid Marketing Assessment offering.

Some of the areas we’ve helped cyber security clients include:

  • Launching a SaaS-based security tool with a grassroots, user-focused marketing plan
  • Pivoting an established security company’s messaging to stay relevant in the market
  • Developing new branding, messaging and a marketing plan for an established cyber security firm that was changing their business model
  • Helping a security consulting firm launch a series of digital campaigns to drive new leads and re-engage past customers

If you’re interested in learning more about the benefits of engaging a cyber security marketing agency, please contact us directly or review an example client engagement.

Finding the Right Cyber Security Marketing Agency

Delivering results in the fast-paced cyber security marketing space

In a space where speed-to-market can make the difference between success and failure, there is a rising trend to outsource many cyber security marketing services. Hiring these additional, specialized resources frequently doubles or triples your productivity, speed and effectiveness.

By hiring a cyber security marketing agency that has full-service capabilities, you benefit from their expertise and understanding of the cyber security landscape, while gaining access to a team of subject matter experts across the key functional areas of marketing.

Our cyber security marketing team is structured to deliver results quickly. Through working across the cyber security market landscape, we understand the players and what it takes to build successful marketing strategies and programs.

While we always take the time to deeply learn a client’s specific products and unique value proposition, our team comes to the engagement with a wealth of industry and technology knowledge, as well as our proprietary methodologies and best practices. We take clients through our proven development and implementation process to quickly deliver the strategy and programs you need to be successful.

Strong industry knowledge and marketing expertise are an obvious requirement for working with any good cyber security marketing agency, but it takes more than these two factors to forge a successful partnership. You need to consider other components, such as personal styles, cultural fit, philosophies about marketing approaches, and breadth of service offerings relevant to your company. You should seek a firm where you can form a trusting partnership—and one that isn’t afraid to push the envelope and share differing opinions on your marketing needs based on their expertise.

For detailed information on how to ensure a good fit when you select a cyber security marketing agency, download our eBook: Step-by-Step Guild to Finding the Right Cybersecurity Marketing Partner.

Need help sooner? Contact us about our Rapid Marketing Assessment that provides a quick, yet thorough, review of your current programs and strategies and provides short term and long term recommendation on how to implement or optimize your marketing.

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