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Cybersecurity: Value Added Reseller,
Tech & Services
  • Provide strategic and tactical marketing support to Cadre’s in-house team
  • Capitalize on tech partner relationships to drive lead gen
  • Enhance core positioning/messaging
  • Generate content that engages and drives lead activity
  • Refined messaging to reposition to reflect cybersecurity expertise and core value propositions.
  • Designed, built, and executed lead generation campaigns to drive MQLs.
  • Provided CMO-level support to the marketing team.
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Compelling content, enhanced buyer journey

Content Generation: Lead Gen

Guide: Maximize Checkpoint ROI

Content Generation: Lead Gen

Threat Detection & Response Checklist

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“We knew Cadre brought something special as one of the early pioneers of cybersecurity technology resellers and Magnetude nailed the new messaging. They quickly put some great lead gen and content campaigns into action that immediately drove results. We fully trust their expertise and now view them as part of our team!"
Kristen Norris, Director of Marketing
Cadre Information Security