Learn More About our Rapid Marketing Assessment & Plan

Thank you for your interest in Magnetude Consulting’s Rapid Marketing Assessment & Plan.  Our assessments research and review the following areas in order to make the most informed recommendations for your unique marketing plan:

  • Company & solution review: Solution overview, revenue model, revenue goals, sales targets, and longer term goals
  • Market review: Competitive & adjacent firm landscape, target market review, market dynamics, and positioning
  • Sales enablement & alignment: Target clients/segments, anticipated sales objections, buying process/cycles, and channel opportunities
  • Digital marketing environment: Digital presence requirements, demand generation channels, and technologies to utilize
  • Offline marketing opportunity analysis: Thought leadership, events, public relations, industry associations,  and assets to leverage (e.g. existing content, partners, relationships)
  • Competitor marketing review: Competitor marketing activity across messaging, search marketing, digital advertising, social media, content marketing, events, and affiliations

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