Magnetude's Rapid Marketing Assessment and Plan

Maximize your marketing budget with a data-driven plan in just 3 weeks.

Magnetude’s Rapid Marketing Assessment is a good fit for small and mid-sized B2B firms who…

  • Are looking to up their marketing game, but lack the understanding and resources to move forward
  • Want to have a solid plan for how marketing should be prioritized and implemented to align with sales and other business objectives

The Deliverables

  • A workshop to present our findings and recommendations to meet your growth objectives
  • Your customized marketing plan, inclusive of a granular 6-month plan and longer term roadmap
  • All background materials from our research, including competitive and trend reports, your digital marketing metrics, competitive digital marketing investment data, content and social media performance analysis, and more.

With 5+ years of successful engagements helping B2B firms drive growth via marketing, Magnetude knows how to advise clients on their marketing strategies and plans—and we can help implementation of that plan, as needed.

Fill out the form to contact us and schedule a 30 minute consultation to learn more and get a walkthrough of example deliverables & results.


“The marketing assessment and plan Magnetude developed gave us the right marketing roadmap for our company’s growth trajectory. We have continued working with Magnetude beyond their marketing plan to execute on their recommended marketing and sales enablement programs.”

Scott Aldsworth, Chief Revenue Officer
Bowdoin Group

“We found a marketing partner that shares many of our core values such as trust, optimism and collaboration. We highly recommend Magnetude and their engagement models for companies looking to do marketing the right way but aren’t structured to build a big in-house team.”

Peter Karlson, CEO

 Example Clients

We have expertise supporting a range of B2B clients spanning technology solutions in cybersecurity, healthIT, business solutions, IoT, artificial intelligence and other emerging technologies.