Magnetude's Custom B2B Digital Marketing Competitor Report

Magnetude Consulting’s Competitive Digital Marketing Analysis is a customized, downloadable report that provides important metrics about your online presence and compares it to two competitors of your choice. When deciding how to prioritize your marketing budget, let the data do the talking.

If knowledge about your competitors doesn’t include what your competitors do on the marketing front, you are missing a critical piece of information – one that could severely impact your ability to succeed.

Do you know…

  • How they are spending their digital marketing dollars?
  • Which types of content they produce are performing well in your target market?
  • How you stack up in comparison?

[View an example report]

This report covers key attributes linked to a B2B company’s marketing success. It can help you:

  • Identify any major gaps in your digital marketing presence or practices
  • Understand what your competitors are doing from a digital and content marketing standpoint
  • Learn where your competitors are focusing strategically based on their marketing efforts

Simply fill out the form, and share the URLs of 2 of your top competitors (hint: larger competitors generally provide greater insights) to get started with your custom report.