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Expertise to build, grow, and optimize your channel program for performance.

A well-run partnership program can be a huge driver of sales for B2B tech and service firms. Effective marketing is critical for channel performance. Magnetude Consulting brings the unique channel expertise you need to strategize, execute, and optimize your program for the biggest impact.

The team at Magnetude Consulting can help with every area of your channel program, from channel structure and partner recruitment to co-marketing campaigns and training.

Recent Work Includes:

  • Rapid Pipeline Impact: Helped a B2B tech client generate their strongest sales pipeline ever within 4 months of kicking off our work together. We identified low hanging fruit for driving more impact from two key partners and fast-tracked those efforts — all while strategically helping to expand and relaunch their channel program in parallel.
  • Channel Rep Training: From program conception to writing and designing the supporting content, our work leading a client’s channel training efforts helped them engage and train over 100 channel reps for the first time, resulting in 10 new sales opportunities in the pipeline and additional 15 SQLs within weeks.

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