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Expertise to build, grow, and optimize your channel program for performance.

Channel marketing expands your salesforce and enables you to reach more customers. Finding the right partners to sell your products and services can be extremely fruitful. A key benefit to channel marketing is expanding your selling base.

Many B2B tech and service firms have found that a well-run partnership program can be a huge driver of sales for their business. Effective marketing is critical in the channel, impacting every area from channel structure and partner recruitment to co-marketing campaigns and training. Developing an effective channel marketing strategy allows you to empower your channel partners to sell more effectively.

Magnetude Consulting brings the unique channel expertise you need to strategize, execute, and optimize your program for the biggest impact. Our team understands complexities of the market and knows what it takes to drive channel performance. We’ve helped many companies deploy the best program for their business and spur ongoing success through effective marketing.

Magnetude Consulting’s key channel capabilities include:

  • Strategy & Logistics: Analysis of best opportunities, program parameters, partner portal setup, setting market development funds
  • Partner Recruitment: Targeting and marketing to reach prospective partners, identifying and pursuing relationships, partner onboarding
  • Content Development: Channel enablement collateral and marketing content for end-user
  • Co-Marketing: Creating and implementing joint campaigns, thought leadership, webinars, and joint offerings
  • Channel Sales Enablement: Planning and executing sales rep trainings, developing sales rep touchpoints
  • Assessment & Optimization: Metrics, performance analysis, and recommendations for maximum impact

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