How to Leverage Your Marketing During Economic Turbulence | Magnetude

Is economic uncertainty on your mind?

Marketing is often the focus of knee-jerk cost-cutting, but that’s not the recommended approach during economic turbulence. Even HBR suggests that you resist the impulse to deep-six your marketing budget, and rethink it instead.

We agree, and in this results-driven master class, we share five pragmatic strategies that will help you maximize return – and even build customer loyalty in the process.

Based on more than 100 real-world engagements, we boil down and place a laser-focus on the proven strategies – from resources to targeting – that help you grow and mitigate risk. We back each one with effective use-case examples, best practices, and pitfalls to avoid.

As a follow up, you’ll receive an in-depth strategy playbook that supplements the master class information for a deeper dive into all five topic focuses. It is also filled with actionable tips on how to deploy the five strategies in your own organization to make the most of your budget for 2023 and beyond.

Our Speakers

Natalie Nathanson
Founder & CEO, Magnetude Consulting

Natalie oversees a marketing team of over 30 practitioners – generalists and specialists, contractors, and in-house – that cover every square foot of B2B marketing and sales. Natalie is an incisive and empathic leader who encourages innovation while spotlighting client growth and results. While embarking on her goal to provide marketing services to small and medium-sized tech businesses, she helped pioneer the fractional marketing approach that has become a cornerstone of the consulting industry.

Natalie’s strategy and execution team boasts expertise across a variety of specialties including sales and channel enablement, demand and lead generation, digital marketing, messaging and positioning, and branding – to name a few. The Magnetude team also services clients across a wide-range of industries from cybersecurity to healthcare technology to professional services.

In addition to leading the organization, Natalie is at the forefront of thought leadership as a contributor to Forbes Council.

Cyndy Hunter
VP of Client Strategy & Delivery, Magnetude Consulting

With nearly three decades of marketing experience, Cyndy specializes in marketing strategy and heads the delivery team, consisting of a veteran lineup of strategists, writers, and program specialists. She also leads an array of internal and client initiatives, including marketing strategy, branding, messaging and positioning, and creative program development.

The strategic team features high-level expertise across B2B industries from technology leaders to analysts. Strategy is bolstered by a deep content development roster that touches all areas of marketing delivery – from web development and SEO to paid ads and digital design. The content writing wing is composed of technical writers with deep industry knowledge in cybersecurity as well as experts in media relations, analyst relations, and creative messaging.

Each member of the strategy and delivery team has a distinct portfolio of specialization and industry knowledge, working with a diverse set of business models, channels, and B2B products and services.