B2B Marketing Plan: Assessing Your B2B Firm's Digital Marketing Efforts

B2B Digital Marketing Assessment

Marketing is changing at an increasingly rapid pace, namely due to technology advances and evolving social media behaviors. For SMB leaders, this means it is more critical now than ever to assess your firm’s digital marketing capabilities through a b2b marketing plan, ensuring you have the right skills, programs, and visibility in place.

Digital marketing is a vital component of B2B marketing success, and yet 77% of SMB leaders say they lack the time or knowledge to implement B2B digital marketing effectively (Source). How can you ensure your firm will keep up and stand out in this fast-paced digital environment?

Magnetude’s eBook provides answers to some of the big, lurking questions your firm may still have about B2B digital marketing, including where it is headed and how your firm can keep pace.

This eBook Will Help you understand:

  • How marketing is changing and why you should care
  • How to ensure your organization ‘does marketing right’
  • Ways to avoid missing out on real sales opportunities
  • Why it is important to invest in your online presence

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