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When Should My Startup Start Marketing?

I’ve had a few conversations over the past few weeks all around the same topic: When should my startup start marketing? The balance for many pre-funded or bootstrapping tech startups can feel like a catch 22. Startups need money to fund marketing, but they need to do some marketing to reach the point where they will be attractive to investors.

So the question I’m always asked is: “Are we too early stage to start marketing”? A better way to think about this question is: “What is the next milestone that my startup is trying to accomplish, and what is keeping us from getting there?”

If you don’t have marketing talent in-house, and you’re trying to accomplish one of the following goals, I would recommend at least investigating the type of support you’ll need to get there.


If you have needs in any of the above areas, you will likely need some outside support, yet the reality is that most startups at early stages have limited financial resources.  Unfortunately, if you’re facing obstacles that are keeping you from reaching your goals, you can’t afford to not do something about it.

By working with an outsider who can help with both strategic and tactical marketing needs, you can find ways to start small and focus on the mission-critical task at hand.  Remember, you may not need to execute a full-fledged marketing plan, but don’t be afraid to make an investment that will lead you to your next milestone.

Magnetude offers complementary consultations to early stage startups to determine when and how to engage marketing for the first time.  To request a consultation, please contact us today.

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