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Call Campaign Programs: Use Them to Accelerate Sales

Using Call Campaigns to Close Deals Faster

In a recent conversation with one of my clients, we discussed the challenge they were facing of having their sales reps spending too much time in the office trying to schedule meetings, not leaving them enough time to be out in the field, closing deals. Rather than hiring an appointment-setting company to book meetings, we outlined a more effective approach: contracting with an inside sales rep and building them a prospect development toolkit.  This approach enabled us not only to better direct the call campaign and sales approach, but also to test and refine the message in near real-time.

The campaign took us three weeks from start to finish, generated roughly two dozen new leads and a handful of qualified sales opportunities.  Below are the tools we developed:

Prospect List

In addition to tapping their existing house list, we leveraged and LinkedIn to build a solid target list focused on specific target profiles they were trying to reach.


We used an analyst whitepaper, an archived Webinar, and a presentation from a recent trade show, and determined the right sequence of distribution to move prospects through a series of communications.

Email Campaigns

With the offerings in hand, we created a series of email campaigns with a bit of process flow built in, accounting for the prospect’s action (or non-action) in the previous campaign round.

Call Scripts

Depending on a few factors (the seniority of the inside sales rep, their familiarity with your industry space, the level of prospect qualification you expect) you can decide how detailed a call script you need for your call campaign, ranging from a few talking points to an explicit script with a comprehensive set of qualification questions to help identify the sales-ready leads.


Lastly, it’s always important to collect data from your marketing efforts to understand what’s working and what is not. Track everything you can, and do the analysis as your program unfolds so that you can refine midstream as needed.

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