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Utilizing a Content Piece you Have into Multiple Resources | Magnetude

New Growth from a Single Seed: How the Content Piece you Already Have Can Expand into Multiple Resources

B2B Content marketing: you know you should be doing it, but honestly, it can seem like a lot of time and effort, especially for smaller companies with limited resources. You may be thinking, ‘With all that I am responsible for, how can I possibly put out high quality content month after month? How can I think up that many ideas for topics, let alone write everything?’

Guess what, you probably already have something that (with a little effort) can be transformed into any number of new, clever, and high quality content pieces – just in a different format. It’s likely your audience has a wide variety of ways they like to digest information. And even among your target audience, you can use content differently. For example, think about how a topic could be addressed to a business audience vs. technical audience.

Although the central theme or topic may be the same across content pieces, you can simplify or expand information, offer a different view of the same topic, or create something that is a subset of a bigger idea. The idea is to REPURPOSE. It’s easier than it seems.

Let’s look at an example. Magnetude worked with a client who had just finished a big project with a large customer. Luckily, the customer agreed to a case study, and we were able to convince them to do a 2-part case study – one to discuss the business level results and one to cover the technical implementation. From this one piece we were able to create the following:

  • A teaser blog post that covered just one of the business results, included some industry data, and highlighted the customer as an example
  • A video, featuring both the customer and client
  • A two-part case study, written in an article format that was fun to read and easy to digest
  • Promotional visuals distributed across social media

This is just one example, but there’s so much more you can do with one content topic or one concept. Find enough industry data points and create an infographic. Take slides from a recent presentation and turn it into a webinar. Choose 5 or 6 of the most important takeaways from your topic and develop a tip sheet or check list.

It’s no secret that content marketing isn’t going away any time soon. It’s a reflection of your online presence, your company’s brand, and your thought leadership. With an open mind, you can do a lot with just a little bit of content.

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