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Blog Series: B2B Tech Marketing (Part 3 - Webinars)

A webinar refers to a service that allows conferencing events to be shared with remote locations. These are sometimes referred to as interactive conferences or online workshops. Webinars can be a powerful and promising way to engage directly with your target audience and display your thought leadership, and they’ve been proven to effectively help increase sales.

Webinars are typically conducted live with a recorded version available for future download.  Though for small businesses that may not be able to generate a large live turnout (at least 20 participants), it may be better to skip the live presentation and just offer a recorded version.

Think of your webinar as hosting a virtual event. Most often, the host of the event will present a slideshow on a relevant topic to his or her target audience. This topic can range from expertise in the industry to a demo of your products or services. Webinars are typically hosted on platforms, such as GoToMeeting or WebEx.

Aside from the presentation and the host, it’s important to also develop a pre-webinar marketing plan and a post-webinar follow up plan. A pre-webinar marketing plan usually outlines methods for promoting the webinar in order to acquire attendees.  This is most often done through social media and email marketing.  It’s also important to send reminders to those who have registered to ensure maximum attendance on the day of your virtual conference.

A post-webinar follow-up plan is also important.  Not only do you want to thank your attendees for participating, but promoting the on-demand, or recorded, webinar across social channels and email is a great way to continue engagement with your presentation.  In addition to your go-to social media networks, SlideShare is a great social network for uploading your presentation slides, and YouTube can host your recorded video. Both social networks will help increase SEO and website traffic.

In part 4 of our blog series, we will discuss search engine marketing.

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