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Blog Series: B2B Tech Marketing (Part 10: Marketing Automation)

Marketing automation is a technology platform that allows your company to automate marketing efforts and measure them efficiently. Marketing automation can successfully generate significant growth in revenue and brand awareness for your small business because it allows you to streamline, automate, and measure your email marketing tactics.

Features of marketing automation include:

  • List management and hygiene
  • Campaign execution
  • Measurements (web analytics, email behavior)
  • Lead segmentation and scoring
  • Landing pages
  • CRM Integration
  • Reporting (marketing, sales, and ROI measurement)

So, you might now be thinking, what are the benefits of marketing automation and why should I use a platform like this instead of doing this myself? Here are the 3 key benefits to marketing automation:

  • Efficiency – The biggest overall advantage to this software is efficiency. Marketing automation software leaves you (or whoever is in charge of your marketing efforts) with as little manual and repetitive work as possible by integrating all email marketing and website efforts into one platform, which then frees up that person’s time to focus on something more strategic.
  • Market Intelligence – While a simple email marketing platform shows open rates and click through rates, marketing automation can give you the entire activity history of a lead, from when they received an email campaign to which websites they visited a few days later. This is highly beneficial to a sales team looking to understand how close a prospect may be to making a purchasing decision.
  • Marketing and Sales Alignment – Using marketing automation is a great way to align your marketing and sales tactics under one platform through CRM integration. This consolidation will ensure that the entire sales process from lead generation to phone follow-up and closing deals is fully integrated.
  • Reduction of Costs – The number one bonus of marketing automation is to reduce operating costs of your marketing and sales efforts. While marketing automation software can be significantly more expensive than a simpler email marketing tool, once your business has ramped up its email marketing efforts to a certain point, it can become much more cost effective to leverage marketing automation software rather than employing a colleague to manually work through the process.

Marketing Automation is a useful and cost-efficient tactic that refines, targets, and optimizes marketing and sales initiatives into one platform.

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