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How (and Why) to Link Zoom and HubSpot for Webinars

A well-run webinar is a beautiful thing, and by setting up an integration between Zoom and HubSpot, you make communication, tracking, and follow-up for webinars easier and more effective. Digital events are flourishing in today’s landscape, and webinars have quickly become a go-to for many marketers for lead generation and… Read More

What’s Happened to Marketing During the Pandemic?

Originally posted on LinkedIn by Kaitlyn Mellor, Director of Business Development & Marketing Consultant at Magnetude Consulting. When COVID-19 first hit, like so many of us, I braced for impact. The nasty words, “Marketing is always the first to go” played on repeat in my head. I work for a… Read More

Savvy Success Strategies: How to Efficiently Scale Up Your Cybersecurity Marketing and Sales Efforts

Having worked with over 25 cybersecurity companies in various stages of growth on their cybersecurity marketing strategies, we’ve gleaned some best practices to help avoid common issues as you scale. While it may be tempting in the rapidly moving and congested cybersecurity market to immediately develop one-off programs based on… Read More

Marketing during times of uncertainty: Navigating the implications of the coronavirus

Between the COVID-19 pandemic and the associated impact on our economy, most of us are standing on the brink of uncertainty, and it can feel paralyzing – as if we are collectively holding our breath… and waiting. Over the past few weeks, we’ve seen firms make the shift to doing… Read More

How to Create Cybersecurity Content that Resonates with Your Prospects

Content is pivotal for all marketing programs. Done well, it should communicate complicated market trends and nurture relationships with prospects. When done well, this kind of content marketing can make or break lead generation and conversions in industries like cybersecurity that have long sales cycles, fast-breaking technology trends and a… Read More

Cybersecurity Content Strategies: Focusing on the business goal

In a market glutted with fear tactics, cheap tricks, and buyers craving authenticity and honesty, cybersecurity vendors need a way to consistently connect with prospects without blowing their credibility. When done well, content marketing offers cybersecurity firms the ideal path to effectively communicate value with messages that really resonate with… Read More

Investors & Growth Experts Make 5 Bold Predictions for SaaS Vendors in 2020

The future of the SaaS market is bright—so bright, in fact, that it’s estimated to reach a whopping $113.1B in 2021, up nearly two times what it was in 2017 ($58.8B). With that kind of growth comes an increasingly saturated marketplace, and SaaS vendors must be on the leading edge… Read More

Why Most Small B2B Services Companies Need an Outsourced B2B Marketing Department

If you’re reading this blog, you’re likely a growing B2B services firm—offering consulting solutions, technical, information, or other professional services, for example—that is considering external B2B marketing support to help you reach your desired growth objectives. There are multiple options for investing in marketing support: hiring in-house, working with individual… Read More

Cybersecurity Marketing Buzzwords: Back Them Up with Knowledgeability

Earlier this year, we held an informative breakfast panel during the RSA Conference that focused on cybersecurity marketing, messaging and breaking through the noise. The following is a recap of the panelists’ commentary, viewpoint and tips. One of the perennial problems that cybersecurity marketers face is how to deliver pithy,… Read More

Two Secrets to B2B Marketing Budgeting: How to Kick Off Next Year with a Head Start in Revenue

Last year around this time, we wrote one of our most popular eBooks: B2B Marketing Budgeting & Planning for CEOS: Preparing for New Investments. In it, we cover a broad range of areas you need to know to build your marketing budget, but as budgeting time approaches this year, we… Read More

B2B Marketing Trends: Tips on What’s Working

It’s important to keep pace with new and emerging B2B marketing trends and technologies; spending time outside our ‘bubble’ helps us to serve clients better. The recent B2B Sales and Marketing Exchange (B2BSMX) conference in Boston was packed with sessions that illustrated interesting findings and strategies from the sales and… Read More

5 Signs Your Cybersecurity Channel Marketing Program Needs a Boost

Channel partners play a critical role in the cybersecurity sales ecosystem. According to Gartner, by the end of next year the services channel alone will account for half of security software delivery. And that’s not even accounting for spending through VARs, integrators, and other channel partners. As cybersecurity spending continues… Read More

Forbes Round Up: What You Should Know about B2B Marketing Strategy & Messaging

Recently, we’ve been publishing some articles in Forbes focused on growth oriented topics. Below is a round up of our three most recent: Developing B2B Messaging That Resonates It’s very common for executives and sales leaders to focus on what their company’s products or services can do rather than the… Read More

5 Ways to Increase the ROI of Your B2B Content Marketing

These days, marketing’s role in an organization’s growth is much bigger than it once was. That was never more apparent than at this year’s Content Marketing Conference, where almost all sessions focused on how marketers keep a close eye on ROI and the impact that their efforts have on the… Read More

Don’t Blow Your B2B Marketing Budget—How to Stay on Budget and Still Achieve Your Goals

You set your marketing budget a few months ago. You’ve made some good progress so far, but how does it stack up against your plan? Now is a good time to review your B2B marketing budget, make any requisite changes, and gear up for what you haven’t gotten to yet.… Read More

9 Marketing Mistakes Consulting Firms Make

If you’re part of a consulting firm and you’re hesitant to engage in marketing…you’re not alone. Some consulting firms have been burned by agencies or by the wrong in-house hires, while others just don’t see how marketing can support business growth in a relationship-driven industry. They say things like, “It’s… Read More

B2B marketing budgeting and planning

B2B Marketing Budgeting & Planning for CEOs: Preparing for New Investments

Hands down, the two questions we get asked most often are “How much should I be spending on marketing?” and “Where should I spend my marketing dollars?” These two questions plague nearly every CEO, particularly in B2B, where long sales cycles and multiple touch points with prospects make it difficult… Read More

cybersecurity marketing sales enablement blog

Cyber Security Marketing Ideas & Tips: Six Things to Do Differently for Sales Enablement

Working with our clients on a range of cybersecurity marketing efforts, from market assessment to branding and messaging to marketing program development, we set the foundation for sales to get in front of the right prospects in the right way to drive the company’s overall growth objectives. Whether selling cybersecurity… Read More

professional services marketing - productizing your b2b services

Professional Services Marketing: Tactics for Productizing your B2B Services to Convey Value

Finding ways to differentiate and convey the value of your services is a core challenge when marketing professional services companies. While SaaS companies have been leveraging the packaged services strategy for years, many companies in other industry segments, such as IT services group firms, consultancies, agencies and other professional services… Read More

sales enablement marketing - how to leverage b2b social selling to reach your prospects

Sales Enablement Marketing: How to Leverage B2B Social Selling to Reach Your Prospects

As social media’s reach and relevance continue to grow, B2B buyers are using social networks more than ever to gather information before making a purchase. In fact, according to an internal study conducted by LinkedIn, half of all users are likely to buy from companies they engage with on their… Read More

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