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How to Market a Cyber Security Company

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Any of us marketing and selling cyber security solutions are well-aware of the challenges and opportunities at hand. With threats evolving at a frantic pace, companies of all sizes are deciding where and how to invest in products and services to safeguard their organizations. With such a crowded cyber security… Read More

Marketing for Money – Marketing’s Role in Helping You Attract Outside Capital

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Spending time and money on marketing activities during the early days of a start-up venture can be a challenging undertaking, and it may even seem frivolous to some.  Marketing is often seen as a cost-only function that can be postponed until you’ve raised money and are ready to scale.  However,… Read More

It’s Time to Pivot…What’s Next?

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I recently attended a technology event hosted by the NEIBC on knowing when your startup or early stage venture should pivot. The panelists discussed the journey their venture endured—aspects such as reconfiguring the business model and rebuilding the team with the right skill sets and structure. The reality is that… Read More

Hiking in Flip Flops: Getting your Employees on Message

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If we asked each employee at your startup, “what does your company do?” how many different responses would we get? Chances are you’d get as many responses as there are employees. ​It’s hard enough for startups to build awareness in today’s crowded market. But if on top of that, each… Read More