Small in-house marketing team? Magnetude excels at filling the gaps.

Growing companies have to plan headcount carefully. Often, sales hires and other essential staff take precedence. Marketing plays a critical role in driving towards a company’s growth goals – but the full suite of talent required doesn’t come in a single person. That’s Magnetude’s core value – senior marketing talent to round out your in-house team, regardless of make-up.

Marketing departments come in many sizes – do any of these reflect you or your team? Is your marketing team comprised of…

A marketing leader who is consistently swamped?

When the day-to-day task list only continues to grow, or the management of outsourced resources starts taking up an overwhelming amount of time or creates unwanted siloes, it’s time to make a change.  Not only can we alleviate the day-to-day stress and advance initiatives in parallel to in-house leadership, but – because we have full-service capability — we incorporate a holistic and integrated approach into everything we do. We can certainly drive strategies where needed, but we’re adept at quickly toggling from program development to ongoing execution and optimization.

A small (but mighty) team that recognizes the need for highly specialized support?

Savvy marketers appreciate other great minds—and the specialized support required for high caliber execution in today’s environment. Magnetude brings peer-level, strategic ideas while diving quickly into execution on behalf of our clients. We enable full program implementation across every discipline from digital advertising to content development to channel marketing and more. Clients get top tier talent to support and carry out your vision across the full spectrum of marketing functions.

An up-and-coming marketer?

Many clients have Marketing Associates or Marketing Managers only, many of whom are impressively holding down the fort on their own! While that approach can work for a period of time, having a team of strategists and marketing domain specialists to work in tandem helps accelerate efforts and ensure the path to success. As an added benefit, we love mentoring and teaching if needed, setting our clients up for success beyond our own implementation efforts.

Interested in how we can make your marketing more powerful?  Let’s talk.

Interested in how we can make your marketing more powerful together? Let’s talk.