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[eBook] Advice from the Trenches – Marketing Tactics to Consider for Your B2B Tech Firm

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Technology continues to evolve an array of b2b marketing trends, such as search engine optimization (SEO), paid search, and marketing automation at an increasingly rapid pace. Alongside these, we can’t forget about the old-school techniques like public relations. In the world of B2B tech, it can be difficult for leaders… Read More

[eBook] B2B Marketing Myths Exposed

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At Magnetude, we’re die-hard B2B marketers. Oftentimes, when working with many SMB executives who are bit greener when it comes to marketing, we find ourselves dispelling misconceptions of what effective B2B marketing is and is not. This eBook is designed to expose some of those B2B marketing myths, especially as… Read More

Infographic: Top B2B Inbound Marketing Tactics for Startups and Small Businesses

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As a B2B marketing leader, you are often faced with the task of deciding which programs to put in place to provide more sales opportunities, increase brand awareness, and maximize revenue growth. While outbound marketing is often seen as the answer, there are numerous opportunities to take hold of with… Read More