Make Connections, Get Rewards – Magnetude’s Referral Program

Magnetude Consulting is excited about the great things we’re doing to help our clients grow their businesses. Would you help us SPREAD THE WORD?

Do you know a company that could benefit from Magnetude’s marketing expertise? We work with B2B SMBs who are looking to boost their sales and drive towards growth objectives but who may not have all the resources or expertise they need in-house to make it happen.

If so, refer a client, colleague or acquaintance and you will receive a $100 Amazon eGift Card.  All we ask is a brief email introduction to your connection, and we can take it from there.

It’s our small way of saying ‘thanks’ for taking the time to make an introduction.

Not sure what to say? Feel free to our suggested outreach email (click to access via your email client or open in plain text).

Commonly Asked Questions

Q: What kind of clients are a good fit for Magnetude?

A: We work with small and mid-sized B2B firms, with a strong focus on technology-oriented companies (software, IT services and other business services).

We typically engage with the CEO or Head of Marketing, and occasionally a Head of Sales depending on the organization and resources, so these types of introductions are generally the most appropriate.

Q: What kind of marketing do you do, again?

A: We are a full-service agency and across our 17 person team, we have expertise in all of the core marketing functions B2B companies need to be successful—from strategy development to content creation; digital marketing to public relations; and graphic design to website development.

Q: What should I do if I come across someone who’s a good fit for an introduction?

A: Simply make an introduction to our President, Natalie Nathanson via email. Click here for some help figuring out what to say in your intro.

We will reach out to them to see if they’re interested in a 30 minute introductory discussion. This is a no-pressure, non-sales-y discussion—we take a very consultative approach, and the purpose of the call is to share some information about what we do and learn a bit about our new connection and their organizational goals.

Q: How do I claim my referral gift?

A: As soon as you make the introduction, we will add you to our referral program list. Once the meeting occurs between your referral contact and our President, we will email you a link to your Amazon eGift Card within 1 week.

At this time, there is no limit on the number of referrals you can submit.