Clean Slate Marketing Launch

Everyone has to start somewhere.
Start your marketing with a clean slate.

For many firms, knowing which marketing activities to implement to drive your business forward can be daunting. Without the marketing leadership in place to analyze the market and understand where opportunities exist, firms spend unnecessary time and money on the wrong marketing activities or risk missing the mark on the right ones.

The Clean Slate Marketing Launch is geared towards companies that don’t have a formalized marketing function, are looking to grow their business, and want to get started the right way—by understanding which marketing channels and programs make sense for their business goals at their current stage of development, taking into account their human and budgetary resources.

Through a comprehensive discovery process, clients will gain insights into their internal and external market environments, as well as the support to develop a market and context appropriate marketing plan that blends the right mix of activities to meet short and longer term business goals. Clients may opt for tactical support for specific components of the marketing plan or elect to have execution and oversight of the entire plan.

In as little as 6 weeks, you can have a fully functional marketing program, working to meet your revenue and business goals.

Phase I: Marketing Audit
By analyzing your internal and external business environment, we are able to:

  • Determine which of your existing content and resources can be better leveraged
  • Confirm you are positioning and messaging your firm’s value proposition effectively
  • Understand which marketing tactics and channels will be most effective for your business at this particular juncture

Phase II: Plan Development
In creating both a strategic annual plan and a tactical quarterly plan, we provide you with:

  • Visibility into the resources, skills and budget needed to reach your next milestone
  • A concrete set of marketing activities that will help you meet short term goals
  • An actionable plan designed to enable employees and contractors execute the tactical plan quickly and effectively

Phase III: Launch & Manage
Regardless of how your organization is structured and the amount of resources you have to execute, we can:

  • Coach and mentor existing employees to lead the marketing plan execution
  • Serve as an extension of your team by bringing in specialists to manage individual elements of the plan or project manage the entire program
  • Analyze results early and often to adjust and scale up or down as needed​

What to Expect
At the end of the Clean Slate Marketing Launch you will have the foundation for a healthy, business-appropriate marketing strategy and plan on which you can build and grow as your company grows.