No marketing staff? Magnetude serves as an outsourced marketing department.


Throughout a company’s growth trajectory, marketing roles and requirements change. At Magnetude, we’ve structured our offerings with this in mind.

Wondering what’s your best path forward? We often recommend starting with a comprehensive market assessment (as many of our clients do)…it’s pragmatic, high-impact and all about you.

Learn more about our rapid marketing assessments.

Clients appreciate that Magnetude is completely unbiased when it comes to specific marketing tactics – we specialize in all marketing areas – but only recommend the strategies and programs that make sense for each client.

Clients with no dedicated in-house marketing staff count on us for strategic guidance and tactical execution, including:

  • Go-to-market and other strategic leadership: segmentation, channels, pricing, branding, messaging and positioning
  • Demand generation and brand visibility program development and ongoing execution
  • Sales enablement programs, tools and content
  • Additional foundational support including: marketing technology implementation, website enhancement, digital presence, and more

For some companies, outsourcing the full marketing function makes more sense than hiring in-house. Some of our long term clients continue to thrive and grow with Magnetude as their sole marketing department, and we’re proud to be part of their team. For other clients, our engagement will evolve as they start to build out their in-house marketing function.  We can quickly pivot to augment in-house hires.

Not sure of the right marketing plan to support your growth? We encourage you to learn more about our Rapid Marketing Assessment or contact us directly for an initial consultation.

Have some specific marketing needs in mind?  See how we work on a project basis.

Contact us to discuss how we can support your business or find out more about how we work with our clients.