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3 Reasons Outsourced Marketing Companies Help Accelerate B2B Growth

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As a leader at a small B2B tech firm, when’s the last time you felt you didn’t have enough to do? What about the last time you weren’t focused on driving growth? Had too many leads? Knew exactly what to do about it? Outsourced marketing companies can help provide the… Read More

Spray & Pray or Laser Focus? Tips for Setting Your Market Segmentation Strategy

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Whether you are just starting your business plan, piloting your technology during beta, ramping up to launch, or expanding your market opportunities, having a thoroughly vetted market segmentation strategy is critical considering the amplified effect it will have on every other facet of your marketing program. Horizontal messaging and programming… Read More

Increasing Customer Retention & Enrichment through Customer Success Initiatives

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“Customer success is great for a lot of reasons, but one of its biggest benefits is that it provides a very clear view into the health of the company. If your customers are extracting value from your product or services, then you’ll extract value from them.” — Lincoln Murphy, Sixteen… Read More

The ROI of Customer Acquisition: Aligning Marketing & Sales

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For most tech-oriented startups and small businesses, customer acquisition is one of the most important goals to a President or CEO, yet so often, time and resources are wasted in the process of building pipeline or moving prospects through the funnel. The biggest factor contributing to this inefficiency is the… Read More

Big Data & Predictive Analytics: Industry Trends and Advice for Startups

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Magnetude recently met with Doug Levin, CEO of Quant5, a SaaS startup dedicated to improving the revenue and cost performance of customer-facing operations through an entirely new breed of Consumer Analytics.  During this interview, Levin shared with us trends he’s seeing in big data and analytics and advice on when… Read More

Startup Lessons from Entrepreneurs

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Entrepreneurs share challenges they overcome through 3 startup lessons Every entrepreneur sets out to build something unique and special in the market, but with each step they take comes an array of highs and lows.  As active members of our startup community, we speak with entrepreneurs incessantly.  We have had… Read More

Why Marathon Runners Make Good Entrepreneurs

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Does my distance running help make me a good entrepreneur?  I do some of my best thinking while running, so while training for a half marathon earlier this Spring, a thought popped into my mind: are there skills I’ve acquired over years of training for races that I’ve also translated… Read More

The Why and How Of Updating Your Angel Investors (Guest Post)

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Christopher Mirabile, Angel Capital Association Board member and Managing Director of Launchpad Venture Group,  features a new post from his blog, ScratchPaper.  This post was a collaboration between Ty Danco and Dharmesh Shah. Ty is CEO/co-founder of BuysideFX and an angel investor/mentor. Dharmesh is founder/CTO of HubSpot, runs and… Read More