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Marketing for Technology Services Firms: Four Strategies for Converting Strangers into Customers

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Converting strangers into customers is an ultimate goal of any business organization. Unfortunately, many technology services companies really struggle to get in front of the right prospects in order to interest them in their services. Why? Many organizations rely too heavily on referrals or their personal networks. And when they… Read More
Cybersecurity Marketing

Step-by-Step: How to Fix Gaps in Your Cybersecurity Marketing Strategy

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Growth-Driven Support for Cybersecurity Firms Anyone who is marketing and selling cybersecurity solutions and services is well aware of the challenges and opportunities at hand. With threats evolving at a frantic pace, companies of all sizes are deciding where and how to invest in products and services to safeguard their… Read More

Dear John Doe: Tips for Personalized Marketing To Boost Conversion Rates

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Marketing automation systems—and really, even the simplest of email marketing platforms—enable a level of “personalization” for outbound email marketing. That “personalization” usually begins and ends (sadly) with inserting the first name of the prospect or customer receiving the email. And even more tragic is often data is not structured or… Read More

Spray & Pray or Laser Focus? Tips for Setting Your Market Segmentation Strategy

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Whether you are just starting your business plan, piloting your technology during beta, ramping up to launch, or expanding your market opportunities, having a thoroughly vetted market segmentation strategy is critical considering the amplified effect it will have on every other facet of your marketing program. Horizontal messaging and programming… Read More

Getting the Most Out of Your Customer Testimonials

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One of the biggest obstacles that many startups face early in their existence is establishing credibility.  While there are many ways to tackle this challenge, one of the most efficient and effective ways is the use of testimonials.  Few elements are more powerful in persuading a prospect to purchase your… Read More

Build Your Startup Brand with Messaging and Positioning

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Startup Brand Development: Messaging and Positioning Given our work with early stage startups, we often work with ventures trying to build their startup brand and raise awareness of what they do. “Branding is not simply a name, a logo, or a tagline slogan—it’s a reason for being,” says Thomas Dawson… Read More

Magnetude Blog Series: A First-Time Founder’s Guide to Building a Marketing Plan (Step IV)

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Welcome back to Magnetude Mondays. This week we want to help you create a message and position that resonates with your target market. Step IV: Define Your Message & Position With insights of your target customer in hand, paired with your prior knowledge of your industry and competitive landscape, you… Read More

Hiking in Flip Flops: Getting your Employees on Message

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If we asked each employee at your startup, “what does your company do?” how many different responses would we get? Chances are you’d get as many responses as there are employees. ​It’s hard enough for startups to build awareness in today’s crowded market. But if on top of that, each… Read More