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Fuel your B2B Marketing Strategy with 3 Unexpected Sources for Competitive Market Analysis

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Market intelligence and analysis is critical for the B2B marketing strategies of large and small companies alike. While many companies feel constrained by lack of budget to invest in competitive market analysis, in this post we share a number of creative approaches that can yield valuable insights into your target… Read More

Spray & Pray or Laser Focus? Tips for Setting Your Market Segmentation Strategy

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Whether you are just starting your business plan, piloting your technology during beta, ramping up to launch, or expanding your market opportunities, having a thoroughly vetted market segmentation strategy is critical considering the amplified effect it will have on every other facet of your marketing program. Horizontal messaging and programming… Read More

Market Research for Startups: Asking the Right Questions

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Market Research Across the Startup Lifecycle I recently taught a class at Boston-based startup, on Market Research for Startups to help early stage ventures learn the ropes of conducting market research in order to gain better market feedback on critical needs of an early-stage venture. We talked about how… Read More

Startup Marketing MadLibs: Your Customers Will Not Find You

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Long gone are the days where a good idea was all it took to jumpstart a startup’s success (or were there ever really days like that?) Our economy has never seen as many startups as it does today, and while this is energizing and even inspiring, it also makes the… Read More

Magnetude Blog Series: A First-Time Founder’s Guide to Building a Marketing Plan (Step III)

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Welcome back to Magnetude Mondays. This week we would like to provide insight into getting to know your target customer. Step III: Unpack Your Target Customer By the time your organization has reached this point in your maturity, you have likely given quite a bit of thought to your target… Read More

Forget What Your Mother Told You—Talk to Strangers

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Having spent half a decade at a market research firm, I’m always a bit irked when firms dismiss the value of market research.  The days of ‘build it and they will come’ are long gone, and the insights that market research provides can be the make-or-break factor for a startup.… Read More