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Life After Launch: The Startup Branding Experience

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Startup Branding the Right Way For many startup founders who have recently launched their product into the market, the focus is still on product enhancements with little attention to the messages or images being portrayed about their product or business.  However, those entrepreneurs who grow to dominate their market have… Read More

Build Your Startup Brand with Messaging and Positioning

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Startup Brand Development: Messaging and Positioning Given our work with early stage startups, we often work with ventures trying to build their startup brand and raise awareness of what they do. “Branding is not simply a name, a logo, or a tagline slogan—it’s a reason for being,” says Thomas Dawson… Read More

Startup Branding in Beta: More Than Meets the Eye

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Simple Startup Branding Strategies for Day One Startup branding might seem murky. If you ask 10 people what even “branding” means, it’s likely that you’ll get 10 different answers.  Many B2B startups think that branding is the visual identity—like a logo or color scheme—and therefore something that can wait until… Read More