B2B Tech Marketing & the Role of the CEO eBook

Given our focus on B2B tech marketing, in working with our CEO clients over the years, we’ve noticed a pattern: that the CEOs who know (or learn) how to best engage with their marketing teams – whether outsourced or in house – see a tremendous lift from marketing’s positive impact on their business. Engaging well with marketing doesn’t necessarily mean spending a lot of time on marketing, but rather allocating that time to the right areas of focus.

3 key areas discussed in this eBook where CEOs can support B2B tech marketing results are: 

  • Company Vision & Roadmap. The CEO should ensure they are providing their tech marketing team with a clear and strong understanding of the company’s priorities and future vision. 
  • Understand and Review the metrics that are driving the business. When the metrics aren’t moving int he right direction it’s important to assess and analyze the B2B marketing plan and adjust accordingly.
  • Industry & Market Landscape. Sharing insights and expertise on a regular basis to your marketing team, particularly as you gain exposure to new client or market dynamics.

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