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4 Marketing Technology Trends You Can’t Afford to Ignore in 2016

4 Marketing Technology Trends You Can't Afford to Ignore

Marketing is evolving at a more rapid pace than ever before, and much of this is due to the progression of technology. As marketers become smarter with better access to data and analytics, strategies and approaches to B2B technology marketing are also evolving. The following trends will help you understand new areas to consider in 2016 for your own marketing plan.

  1. Interactive Content

Infographics, eBooks, blog posts, videos and whitepapers are all fantastic forms of content for your company’s thought leadership, but the trend is moving away from static content and more toward engagement. Now more than ever, your target market is looking to interact with you online. Content with animation or other interactive functionality, such as swiping, clicking, and pressing will keep your audience engaged and encourage sharing. For your next content piece, think outside the box. Consider how a calculator or online quiz could fit into your content plan this year.

  1. Hyper-personalization

As marketers, your target audience expects you to walk the fine line of knowing a lot about them without knowing too much. With the arrival of personalization, marketers are now capable, like never before, of understanding more about their target markets. When personalization first became popular, companies needed big budgets dedicated to marketing and engineering resources in order to tackle this challenge. These days, with the number of marketing automation companies, like HubSpot and Unbounce, available at varying price points, startups and small businesses have the ability to jump on board and create more personalized content.

  1. Keyword Strategy

Today, Google and other search engines are receiving more and more search queries from digital assistants, like Siri and Google Now. Search queries based on spoken language tend to have a much different keyword structure compared with the typing in search terms. What does this mean for you? Search algorithms are advancing to comprehend natural language queries and long-tail keywords. This trend will reward websites that contain more conversational content and thought leadership.

  1. Mobile Marketing

Did you know that B2B mobile traffic is expected to grow 13X over the next 4 years? Many B2B marketers still have no clear mobile strategy to reach their target audiences. With increasing amounts of web traffic and emailing from mobile devices, there’s no time to waste when considering how to mobile optimize your online presence. In addition to having a mobile responsive website, B2B companies should consider the length of their registration forms, the readability of their content, and the format of their email campaigns. These days, it would be a mistake not to always have one eye focused on the mobile experience. 

Whether you’re a marketer looking to understand what’s on the cutting edge of marketing technology, or you’re looking to hire a team of marketing rock stars at your company, these four trends are just some of the areas to consider in order to meet this year’s bottom line business goals.

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