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The Startup Marketing Internship

Startup Marketing: What I’ve Learned at Magnetude

With summer drawing to a close, we’re starting to say goodbye to our summer interns.  At Magnetude, our interns are in a unique position in that they get to do startup marketing for a company that specializes in marketing—double learning.  As a result, we believe their lessons learned are ones that can be applied to other marketing interns at the startup firms who follow our blog.

By Emmett Mercer

Since I joined Magnetude as an intern in early June, I have been getting what my college education couldn’t provide me – a crash course in startup marketing.  Below are some of the lessons learned over the past few months—insights that I hope to impart on future startup marketing interns.

Lead Generation

Although I had prospected before, this marketing internship brought my lead generation abilities to the next level. My manager at Magnetude impressed upon me that the key to successful lead generation involves having rock solid clarity of company message and position, a well-defined target audience, and an offer that they will find valuable.  By the end of a relatively short email campaign, I felt rewarded—not only did the metrics show a successful campaign, but I heard feedback from a number of startups who responded to the campaign that they found the offers we shared to be practical and relevant.

Search Engine Optimization

In the Internet age, any successful business will ensure that their digital footprint is visible on Google.  Products can’t be bought and people can’t be served unless someone knows they exist. Thankfully, while SEO is complex, learning small pieces at a time makes learning it more manageable.  I’d recommend anyone in a marketing internship gain experience with SEO.  Search engine ranking has developed to the point that it rewards sites that have authority (good traffic, inbound links on other sites, solid site architecture), topical relevance, and quality content.

Content Marketing

Producing quality content that your target market wants, might just give you some business, and my experience with content marketing at Magnetude has convinced me of its value.  In a best-case scenario, content marketing drives residual leads and conversions that turn into revenue.  In the worst-case, it *merely* enlarges your digital footprint and website architecture, brings exposure, increases your company’s likability, and provides social proof and proof of expertise. The benefits are endless. The best part is, anything you labor to create once (done right) can serve you indefinitely. Content marketing is the perennial you plant once in your marketing garden that returns year after year.

The Finale.

On Day 1 of the internship, I raised my hand in a meeting and asked for the definitions of messaging and positioning.  A few short months later, I find myself developing content that helps explain it and brings in leads.  When I think about the breadth of marketing knowledge my internship gave me, I cannot help but smile. I am so grateful for my mentors at Magnetude who’ve guided me through the intricate world of marketing this summer. They provided the knowledge and guidance that forged my passion for marketing into practical marketing skills, and they never set a limit on what I could learn.  For that, I am grateful.