April 22nd, 2014   /   Posted by Natalie Nathanson   /   Category: Early Stage Startups, Lead Generation, Marketing 101, Social Media & Content Marketing

Roundup: Top Startup Marketing Resources for Entrepreneurs

In today’s Age of Content, we have no shortage of reading material to help us get smarter about our professional endeavors.  For entrepreneurial leaders looking to get savvier about startup marketing, the challenge can be finding the time to sift through the myriad of information to focus on consuming content that is relevant, informative, and useful.

Magnetude brings you a roundup of recent blogs and article to help enhance your startup’s marketing efforts:

Content Marketing

Content Strategy for Startups (The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide)
This post provides an ultimate guide to content marketing for startups, showcasing examples of companies who’ve successfully utilized content marketing to propel their businesses forward.

Social Media

How to Create a Sustainable Social Media Strategy for your Startup
Using other startups to illustrate examples, this article provides a clear step-by-step approach to leveraging social media for your startup and provides data to help you understand the potential impact.

Twitter Marketing Guide for Startups
For a deep dive into Twitter, check out this post for guidance on what to tweet, how often, and for what purposes. The post also shares instructions on how to set up your profile so that it is appealing to prospects, customers & influencers.

Lead Generation

The New Rules of Lead Generation Resemble the Old Rules, Somewhat
Lead generation is ever changing due to digital technology.  However, the new rules of lead generation strongly relate to old ones, and this article, written by well-known angel investor Martin Zwilling, explains what those rules are. It includes 7 methods for lead generation strategy; including things like email marketing, search-engine marketing (SEM), and more.

The Budget Webinar for Startups
Webinars are a great tool for lead generation and customer engagement, but producing a good webinar can be expensive and time consuming.  This article teaches you how to put on a strong webinar. It mentions what you should include for content