March 12th, 2014   /   Posted by Natalie Nathanson   /   Category: All, Early Stage Startups, Lead Generation, Social Media & Content Marketing

Startup Marketing that Matters (Data from our Latest Infographic)

One of the hardest decisions for startup leaders to make is deciding which marketing activities will help them achieve their business goals and scale. We surveyed startup founders across a variety of stages and industries to learn which marketing activities resonated with them the most. This infographic aims to give new business leaders, both B2B and B2C, insights into the marketing efforts that others have found most useful along their journeys.

Among both B2B and B2C startups, content marketing was found to be the top marketing tactic. Providing meaningful and relevant information to prospects and stakeholders can not only help to bring on new leads, but it can also be a great way to grow your startup’s brand awareness.

As we dug a bit deeper into the data, we found that in addition to content marketing strategies, B2B startups in this survey rely heavily on events, be it in-person or digital. In person networking allow startup founders to connect with their target audience and form immediate relationships. Having a real physical presence can keep you top of mind and form a lasting impression with those you meet. In addition to in-person events, webinars were also a popular way for B2B startups to market themselves. Webinars provide an excellent opportunity to share your thought leadership and open the lines of communication with your audience.

While B2B startups tend to focus heavily on events, B2C startups spend much of their time interacting with the media. Both social media and media relations were high on the list. Social media marketing can be a great way for startups to create brand awareness, display industry expertise, and create a platform to engage with their target audiences. Media relations, when done properly, can garner the positive attention your startup needs to generate interest around your products or services.



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