November 17th, 2015   /   Posted by Natalie Nathanson   /   Category: All

3 Things Magnetude is Thankful for this Thanksgiving

Magnetude is thankful for…

  1. Boston being such a robust startup hub. 

    As an outsourced marketing firm that caters exclusively to entrepreneurial B2B firms, we are thankful to reside in a city that can appreciate our startup scene as much as we do our sports teams. We are lucky to have great resources like VentureFizz to help us find startup events on virtually any night of the week, and a startup ecosystem that boasts over 4,300 startups in Massachusetts alone (AngelList).

  1. The constant innovations enhancing the marketing technology landscape. 

    The increasing rate of marketing technology innovation is both a blessing and a curse, forcing marketers to stay on top of an ever-growing set of platforms, tools and technologies in order to be successful. This year, we are thankful for resources like CabinetM that help us streamline our research and aggregate results.

  2. You! 

    Most of all, we are thankful for you, our wonderful clients, team members, and other like-minded colleagues across the marketing and entrepreneurial community who help make the work we do rewarding and fulfilling.

We wish you and your families a relaxing and wonderful Thanksgiving!

All the best,

Natalie Nathanson & The Magnetude Team